Thursday, September 23, 2010

From Shannon

Well it’s me once again. I’m just here to say WOW and thank you all so much for everyone who prayed for me and my sweet family. I honestly cannot believe that I was in a medically-induced coma for 2 and ½ weeks and that I was on the very brink of death. I mean hey, without God’s help, it’s the only way I could have possibly survived that. But here I am, doing just fine. I mean hey I have almost straight As (with the exception of one A-) and I seem to be doing fine elsewhere too. The thing I still really struggle with is my memory; it does not seem to want to let me remember much from seconds ago, and vision. In fact, I’ve even been looking down instead of straight ahead when I walk most of the time. So that much kind of sucks. That reminds me of my “that much is good” saying I said in the hospital almost every day. But yeah, so there’s all of that, and one of my friends got in a car accident the other day, for more information you can visit her blog which is And I’ve been rollerblading a little bit. Still have not fallen since the time I went to my friend’s and back. But it’s not nearly as great when you have to have someone with you all the time and you can’t just go! But yeah, so anywho, I don’t think there really is anything more to report....


  1. Sorry to hear about your friend Sydney. Because of your accident you will always have a bit more understanding of what others are going through and how hard hospital stays can be. That kind of empathy is a great quality to have! Good luck with the rollerblading. It sounds fun! Now that I am not pregnant anymore I look forward to more outdoor recreation like that! Mel

  2. We are certainly grateful that you are doing so good. Just keep up all that hard work. We know that the Lord has something great planned for you.

  3. Hi Shan,
    I was thinking about how full of life and ready to rock you seemed last time I saw you at church and so yes it is hard to imagine you being in a coma and all. You are truely a miracle and we love ya and your sweet sweet family. Do keep up that good hard work and WOW on the As too.
    Smile Pretty Girl
    LY Tres Brog