Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Shannon Way

So I've always thought that my blog wasn't supposed to be about my life necessarily, just about my recovery. That's why all of my posts and stuff have only been about surgeries and stuff like that. When I talked to my aunts today they said that I needed to post about some of the recent events in my life. I knew that that was true because some of it does relate to my recovery, but when I was retrieving pictures from my phone, I realized how out of the loop you blog-readers are! So, today I will inform you of a little bit more than I normally do.
First, we should jump back to before the surgery on May 3rd for just a second. In April, I was able to meet my entire immediate (siblings, in-laws, and children) family in Florida for a family reunion of sorts. This was so much fun! And although I was in between medical procedures, that did not stop me from getting all my nieces and nephews together to have a blast!
glow stick dance party
Chad's kids at Disney World
 Also, my mom says I'm really good at taking cute pictures of her and my dad with their grandchildren, but I don't think it has anything to do with me, just with how cute they are with them!

Lilly, Tonya and Gus

Then I told you how the surgery went. What I did not tell you however, is that once again, I decided that I was going to try college again. I don't know if I told you all before of the challenges I had when I tried to go to BYU before, but it was a total disaster. The biggest reason for this however, was because it was about a month after a reconstructive surgery. This time I decided to go back to school about 6 weeks after a reconstructive surgery.... Idiot, right? Yeah. But this time, I pulled it off. This time I had an incredible professor, Dr. David Bringhurst, who had worked with TBI victims in the past although this was his first time being a professor. So we worked together and I freaked out over tests. The midterm I only got an 82% on and so I was freaking out for the final. But with much study, not only did I get the highest grade on the final (49/50 = 98%) but I also got the highest score in the class as a whole (102.4%). So yes, this time I not only succeeded, but I excelled, the Shannon way.
The week after school got out, I was running around being a bridesmaid for my cousin, Ashlee. Then the day after her last shindig, I got on an airplane to go visit my brother in North Carolina. In North Carolina I brought all kinds of crafts to do with my nieces and nephews. Below are some of the pictures of the fun times we had. The picture in the middle is a picture of some sun-catcher monkeys that we painted for my sister's baby shower which I hosted the day after I got home. So I have been running around like crazy for the past few weeks, and I don't get to stop because school starts again in 2 days.