Thursday, January 27, 2011

my song

Okay guys, so I wrote a song describing how I feel, especially the past little while. And I decided to share it on here. Just know that it's written to almost all of you. It also probably needs some tweaking in the placement of things, but I didn't really care. So yeah, anyway, here it is.....

We once had a relationship so strong,

But where did it go?

You’ve abandoned me,

And I’m not sure why.

All I know, is that I wish,

We could be friends again.

You’ve hurt me more than you may ever know.

Even if you say you’re here,

It doesn’t really matter, because you’re really not.

I must be in the middle of the ocean,

With no ships around to save me.

When before, I was the captain of our ship.

But now I am sinking,

And you’re not here to rescue me,

I feel like I am drowning,

Why have you left me?

I remember when I felt that deep love,

And now I just have to wonder where it went.

I must replace you now,

Even though you once promised you’d always be here for me.

I believed you then,

Turns out that was a mistake,

What can I believe now?


Sunday, January 16, 2011

School once again

Hey there guys, so I’m sorry I haven’t been updating my blog recently. But anywho, I’m here to tell you about school. So I’m so incredibly excited to say, thanks to Mr. Louder (my AP Bio teacher), that I now have another 4.0! This happened by the kindness of Mr. Louder, because I was supposed to get an A- in that class but he added a few free extra credit points to me, just so I could get my straight As! Oh man, he’s AMAZING! Okay, so that’s last semester. Then as for this upcoming semester, I’m totally excited about it. I really essentially only have 3 real classes. I mean hey, they’re all AP classes, but whatever. Okay, so this is how it works. On A days, I have no first period, then AP Stats, then AP Psych and then internship. You see the reason why internship doesn’t really count as a class is because I only have to go 4 times a whole term… so yeah, basically I get credit for hardly ever showing up there. Then On B days, I have no first period, then AP Biology, then seminary, then I’m done and I can just go home! It’s so exciting! Lol. But yeah, that’s basically my life right now. Any other questions?