Thursday, January 27, 2011

my song

Okay guys, so I wrote a song describing how I feel, especially the past little while. And I decided to share it on here. Just know that it's written to almost all of you. It also probably needs some tweaking in the placement of things, but I didn't really care. So yeah, anyway, here it is.....

We once had a relationship so strong,

But where did it go?

You’ve abandoned me,

And I’m not sure why.

All I know, is that I wish,

We could be friends again.

You’ve hurt me more than you may ever know.

Even if you say you’re here,

It doesn’t really matter, because you’re really not.

I must be in the middle of the ocean,

With no ships around to save me.

When before, I was the captain of our ship.

But now I am sinking,

And you’re not here to rescue me,

I feel like I am drowning,

Why have you left me?

I remember when I felt that deep love,

And now I just have to wonder where it went.

I must replace you now,

Even though you once promised you’d always be here for me.

I believed you then,

Turns out that was a mistake,

What can I believe now?



  1. oh my heart aches. It is true no matter what you go thru friends will come and go. You went through so much trama physically with your accident and now comes the emotional trama. I dont care what you say though....I love you and even though I am across the world I will not leave. Nope. I can not save you from drowning is the ocean of every day life but I will surely pray for you. Believe it or not.
    I Love you and I am glad that you feel strong enough to tell us how you feel. We all need reminders of how to treat our friends.

  2. Shanni,
    I feel so sad that you wrote such a sad, sad song. I know it has felt as though you have been abandoned. Things have changed for sure, but I know there are many, many people who love you so much. I asked you the other day to help me in my quest to be more positive in my life. Do you remember? Do you remember your answer to me? Give that some thought. I am feeling so much better since I have made that commitment to see things in a more positive light. I can see the beauty around me, the blessing of the Lord. No, I do not always feel cheery and happy, in fact last Monday and Tuesday I hit a low that I haven't had in months. But I worked hard and picked myself back up and am back on my way of feeling more positive. I am telling you, again, and again, that I love you so much, and I don't know what my life would be like without you in it as my sweet little friend. Thank you for blessing me with your friendship. Think again about your answer to my question about my new quest for positive in my life, and maybe next time I will delight in a happy song that you write! xoxoxoxo Soo