Monday, February 7, 2011

Huge update February 7, 2011

Okay, so I guess it’s probably worse than about time to update my blog. Okay, so we’ve got a LOT to update you on today. Not because anything’s happened recently, because really nothing has, but just because I realized how little we update you on certain things because they just become a part of our everyday lives. Anyway, so let’s start with the top of my head and go down. Lol. So, my hair has gotten pretty long. It’s obviously not nearly as long as I would like it, but it’s growing, and fairly quickly most would say. But I’m still not thrilled with the length. Especially because my “bangs” I want to have cover the ridge on my forehead from when they took out my skull, and some pieces do, but the rest don’t. It’s just not thick enough all across my forehead…. L Oh, yeah and so I’m going to try to put a picture on here of me with my short hair as well as me with my glasses but I just haven’t quite figured out how to yet. So in the meantime, enjoy the writing while we try to figure it out once again how to put pictures on. Also, I feel bad that my mommy didn’t put any pictures on before because she figured I’d hate it. I probably would have before, but now I don’t really seem to care. So if you want me to, I’ll post some pictures of me in the hospital as well. But that will require some comments on this post. Okay, so that’s my hair and pictures.

Let’s move on to all the freaking bumps in my head. So the top of my head is great if you just run your hand across it. Because it’s so freaking bumpy! Your hand like almost shakes as it goes across the top of my head, right Brooklynn and Emma? (lol, those are my nieces whom I just went out to see and they felt my head a couple of times) Then, I also have a bump right above my ear. It’s the most ANNOYING thing EVER. But you must see that the reason why this would be so annoying, is not because there’s some huge bump on the side of my head but rather because that’s right where my glasses should go. So it bothers me every time I have my glasses on (which is almost always). Anywho, so yes, that’s the bumps in my head story.

The next little story I have to tell is about my clothes. (See how we’re moving from the head on down?) Lol, just kidding, well kind of, it actually kind of is….. So anyway I got an awesome, amazing internship! I intern at NuSkin, where my bishop is the CFO. He’s the one that got me this job. And it’s freaking AMAZING!! So even better than just interning at NuSkin, which in and of itself is awesome, is that I get paid. I get paid not only in money, but also in products. I get over $250 worth of product every month! It has crazy good benefits and now I’m considered part of their team, which is also totally awesome because that means I get all the amazing employee benefits! For example, their most awesome employee benefit was this past Christmas concert, which I already told you all about, but the one where BRIAN REGAN came! Woo! I love Brian Regan, so much! Anywho, so yeah they’re both good. They’re both good. (lol because it’s a Brian Regan joke but I was also referring to the employee benefits as well as just interning there!) Oh so now I have to get how this relates to clothes. It relates because I have to wear fancy schmanzy clothes when I intern which means I actually have had to get some nicer things and stuff like that but it’s still totally great. And I kind of like dressing up every once in a while, so now I have an excuse!

Okay, so now we need to get on to some other things, I can’t remember what it was that I wanted to say here, so I’m just going to talk about something else! My balance. My balance has always been an issue. And I mean granted it is slowly improving, it just is still slow…

Anywho, so then my “friends.” I really only have one person at school who I feel like loves me the same way before the accident as they do now. In fact, even more. But anyway, I have made 3 new friends essentially. I mean I knew all of them before the accident but not super well. And since the accident it’s just been amazing that they have come into my life the way they have and I’m so grateful for them. So thanks to Michelle Madruga, Haley Clark, and Lauren Burraston! And yeah, yeah, yeah, I still have my friends like Haley Stoker, Emily, and Shireen, it’s just been weird. I’ve felt SO distanced from them ever since the accident. Anyway, so the real reason why I even mentioned friends is because I wanted to share with you the exciting news I have for you. Ok so first of all, I met a girl at Primary’s who had a brain injury too! That was super cool. And I also met a guy from New Jersey who had a brain injury as well. He’s taught me a lot of things. Like one of the things he’s taught me or rather just made me realize, that I’ve grown a whole freaking TON emotionally. That’s why a lot of my friends don’t necessarily like the new Shannon, because she’s so different than she used to be; so much more emotionally mature. Anywho, I’ve dropped mentally probably as much as I gained emotionally. So I sometimes randomly act like a 3 year old or something. But I am still so much more emotionally mature. So my physical body obviously stayed the same, my emotional body gained a few years and my mental body dropped a few years. Idk if that makes any sense but if not, let me know and I will explain better.

Next on the agenda is crashing. Or really rather just how tired I always get. I’m like always exhausted. If I could sleep (which I can’t because of insomnia) I swear I could sleep all day long. Anyway, so I’ve got to hurry because it’s almost 10 and I need to get to sleep but I still have homework I need to get done. But yeah so, sleep, I love sleep. I just wish I could do it more.

Okay, so next, short term memory. My short term memory is HORRIBLE. Okay so if you tell me something I need to be writing it down as you say it or else I forget. I just forget my memory is that bad. Like even if you tell me something, then ask me right after, I could probably only tell you the last sentence that you just said. Anywho, so that’s about it for that. (At least for now.)



  1. Shan I love when you update the blog! I love reading about how you keep improving :) and working at NuSkin sounds like so much fun! I'm super jealous of your employee benefits and that you found such an awesome job. Keep it up girl!

  2. Hey, Shannon,
    Thanks for the big update--I always check the blog to see if there is something new. I'm glad you got to go to NC for a visit. I'm sure you had a great time with the kids. I would love to see some pictures on the blog. I see what you put on FB but it sounds like you have some others we could enjoy seeing. I'm happy for all the positive things happening for you right now and I'm sure there are many more that you didn't mention. You are constantly in our prayers and we put your name in the temple every time we go. We love you. Read the quote often that I gave you from Grandma Blackham.

  3. Shannon--I'm like Aunt Kathie--always checking your blog and loving it when you update. I think it's great how you've been able to assess your physical, emotional, and mental health. I know it feels good when we have explanations and understanding for why we feel or are a certain way. I am also excited for these friends who know what you are going through and can help you get this understanding. You do that for others, too. You continue to be in our prayers and thoughts. You are such a strong, determined young woman and we love you and respect you always. Aunt Pat

  4. I'm not related but I enjoy your blogs too. Yes, you should post pictures so we can see how well you have improved! I was like your parents at first about my husband but then I just decided people needed to see what he was going through. It's aweseome to see the improvements! Congratulations on the internship! That Rocks! And great that you have some awesome new friends!

  5. Shannon,

    We love reading your blog posts. Thanks for keeping us updated. I have some children who would love to see old and current pictures of you. They still include you in their prayers all the time. We feel so blessed to have you as a part of this amazing family. We love you.

  6. Your blog is so great! I am so glad you continue to improve, and your hair looks adorable from Facebook pics by the way!

  7. Nice long update, its like sitting and talking with you. Wish it was that easy though. Love that you are getting paid and getting product. Enjoy! Rock whatever length of hair you have, you are a cutie.