Monday, February 21, 2011

2 links take you to pictures...

Hello Everyone;

This is Pheobe...Shannon's mom, the one who started this blog. I need to start a new blog that is my own so I can tell you about the parent's perspective but even then, I want to respect Shannon's desires about what I post about her and her situation. There is so much that I have learned through this process. So many things that I would love to share and perhaps someday I will be able to. But right now what is most important is Shannon and her perceptions and feelings.

Shan has asked me for the last couple of weeks to learn how to add pictures to the blog. Well, I am doing that. Some of them are not very pretty...please know that the pictures do not do justice to how she really looked. So here we go...stop... SHIFT GEARS! I am posting the pictures on their own page and if I understand how it will work, there will be a link at the top of this posting next to the word HOME. If you click on it, it will give you a whole other posting filled with pictures. If it works like I think, then the pictures will be for those who want to see pictures from the that will be posted in a few moments.
(Actually there are TWO links at the top that will get you to the 2 posts that have the pictures. I hope they work the way they are supposed to....



  1. That is kind of you to include us in on pictures, when I came for a visit I tried so hard not to cry seeing Shan. The pictures will never do justice to the real thing, Im sorry that you will always remember those first days. She has done amazing in her recovering to the average eye and it is incredible to see the progress. I love you guys.

  2. Shanni, I got to see these pictures with you in your album at your home, and seeing them again makes me glad I didn't seem them in person! Not that I wouldn't have loved to see you, but, ugh! Sometimes I feel like I am telling a brick wall just how much of a miracle you are and how far you have come. (Can you guess who that brick wall is? :) ) HOWEVER, I am going to voice it here. I cannot believe the baby steps we have seen all along. I remember the day you roller bladed to my house. And then you drove to see me. WoW! In less than a year? There are so many in between, but those just come to mind quickly. Again Miss Brick, you have been such an inspiration to so many of us. I have gain so much strength from you in many of my dark moments. You are my "little friend" that no one could ever replace. I hope you listened to my lesson on Sunday because so much of it dealt with you and your purpose in life. We still need to talk about it personally. I have many thoughts I'd like to share with you if you will be receptive!!!!!!! I love you little friend. Life is not always the way we planned it, but Shanni, life is good if we try to make it that way. Remember my request for you to share my goal of being positive? The request is still there!!!! Join me because I need the support. I love you dearly!!!! xoxoxo Soo

  3. Thank you for sharing all of the pictures. We love seeing the miracles that have happened and are still happening. We love you.
    Greg, Amy, Susanna, Stuart, Eli and Gideon