Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Okay, so I decided that it’s not very fair for my family to keep the “tonyaisms” to ourselves. So I decided to share some of these. So I’m going to share one of them now and then hopefully continue to share them in the rest of my posts. So you have to understand that I love my sister, and I think she’s super great. It’s just so great how she can make us laugh so much so I decided to let everyone else know just a little bit of why we laugh so much! J Okay so the other day we were just sitting at the table playing cards. Then out of the complete blue, totally random, Tonya just says “I got hit by a truck.” So we all laughed and were like what?? Turns out she was trying to tell us the Brian Regan joke about show horses. Which I think is still really funny because he never says in there how he got hit by a truck. But yeah anyway, so that’s about it. So next time you see me, just let me know that you got hit by a truck! Lol J


  1. shan, this is great. i love your blog, and you should keep up the tonyaisms. i love you and your sister!