Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just One More Update + The Loved Tonyaisms

Well hey there folks. So I was just updating my Tonyaisms file and figured I ought to share the joy with any of you who still check back every once in a while. Then since I haven't wrote in so long, then I'll update you on my life a little bit.
So, Tonyaisms.... some of these are GREAT!!
Okay first.... We’re just sitting there and Tonya says “Freak!” me: “What?” “Nothing, I just felt like saying that.”
Then, second, Tonya was doing something really annoying (I don't even remember what now) and I had asked her to stop before so I say “Tonya, how many times do I have to tell you to stop?” Then Tonya says: “uh… 4"
One day Tonya tried to get Dad's attention “Dad” Then he said “Tonya” Then she says “What?”
The last one to update you all on is one from just yesterday. We are driving in the car, and suddenly Tonya says "It smells like.... fried broccoli!"

So anyway, that's the Tonyaisms for now. I love Tonya! Especially how she is ALWAYS saying something else that's funny. As for me, well I got the best job ever, working down at Nuskin. Best company, EVER. I did a freaking incredible job with a few different things first month I was there. (October) Then, so far, November isn't looking so good. You see, my strength lies in upsells. First month I scored a 25.19% in upsells, and they only ask you to shoot for 5%. This month however has not been going so great just yet. So I decided to great a document. In this document it has ALL of the packages, including what is contained, the price, the price if you were to buy them all individually, etc. It's 18 pages right now, and I'm not even close to being done. So that has been what I have done with most of my time lately. Which really is actually pretty dang good for me, it makes it so I don't just sulk wishing I had someone to play with. However, despite the whole Nu Skin stuff, I have absolutely no direction in life, therefore no purpose and the few things that I could do in order to give me some direction or purpose, are FAR too difficult, and frankly I'm done forcing myself to do everything that I don't want to do. So I'm kind of at the point where I'll do things that I don't mind doing. (since social life is what I enjoy doing and I have absolutely no social life.) Speaking of social lifes, let's update you on some of that. So, it's pretty rough. I am down to saying I have one person that I can truly call a friend. Someone that you can call up and just cry to or whatever. Just one. And she's been sick, doing oodles of homework, hanging out with her boyfriend, going to work, etc. So basically, I haven't even seen her in over 2 weeks. Then I have my bishop. My bishop is the most wonderful man in the world. He literally is the greatest man I have ever met. But, yesterday was also the first time I saw him in over 2 weeks, and even at that, I only barely saw him for less than 30 minutes. And yeah, I know, I always have my family, and my family's been so good to me through all of this and everything, i know. But, family is family, and they're so much different than a friend. I don't know what it is and I don't know how to describe it. They're just so different. I haven't had a real conversation with a boy in over 6 months. I have therefore decided that I'm never getting married (another reason why I have no purpose) and so I'll never have a family. I'm not going back to college. I just can't handle it. So the only thing left that I have is a job. But I can get a bunch of jobs but next to none if any careers since I'm so worn out of college. So, you see why I have no purpose? Yeah, and don't even try to tell me how I'm not seeing the big picture or whatever, in all honesty, I'll hear but I won't listen, I'll understand but I won't do.
Oh, also looking for a good car, with great gas mileage (at least 28mpg) would get good insurance rates and few miles put on it. Any options, let me know!