Thursday, April 28, 2011

After a long, hard month

So it’s been a month since I updated the blog, and I know, it’s terrible. But I haven’t wanted to update the blog, I’ve had a really rough month and I’ve been actually extremely busy. So, when I wrote last I was in the middle of a breakup with my boyfriend. I was starting a new term at school and I ended up spending 6 days up in a hospital at the University of Utah. Then, thankfully, spring break came. So I was able to go to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with my family. There, it was really fun, but I got sunburned really pretty bad. I also went parasailing, that was fun. My mom and I also went bargaining at the flea market. And I tried to surf again, which just got me even more sunburned. Okay, so then we returned home, and I had to go back to school and make up all of the work that I had missed before spring break. That was a terrible time. Still is. One of my teachers was very understanding and told me to take it easy, but my other teachers, were not so sympathetic. So now, I have 2 concurrent enrollment tests I need to study for, and one AP test I need to study for. Unfortunately we just found out that a lot of my accommodations for my AP test were not accepted due to lack of paperwork, even though we sent them an ENORMOUS stack of paperwork. So, now I have to do the AP test basically like everybody else. Which really sucks, because last time I took a test in this particular class, I only barely got through half of the questions in the allotted time. The only bright spot has been my internship. I enjoy going down to NuSkin and actually doing something rather than just shadowing people. I’ve been able to actually do work the past couple of times, and it has been AWESOME. But, anyway, that updates you on my life right now. I think. Because I only just touched on some of these things, feel free to contact me about more information.


  1. I'm sorry Shan! My month's been kinda hard too. That means it's time for buckets of ice cream and lots of good movies.

  2. ugg for long yucky months. Right now we are finally getting to see Conference and I am in awe of how much Heavenly Father knows about us - you and me. I am in awe that there is a plan with every step we take whether we like it or not, the plan is there.
    Im grateful your family was on my path of life and that I have you in my forever too.