Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Key to Locke, once again

Wednesday was a big day for me this week. It took it out of me a lot more than I anticipated. There was a philosophy conference being hosted at my university. My teacher told us to submit a paper, any paper, to be considered. I love public speaking and I want to get my name out there (not in philosophy, but in the world) because I want to someday be a public speaker advocating Christ's existence, love, and atonement. I have the most AMAZING paper that I wrote - on John Locke - my junior year of high school. So I figured, what do I have to lose? They'll say no? They'll say it sounds like you wrote this in high school? Well I did, so...
I submitted the paper. Then I got accepted. Honestly, I was super surprised. I was speaking with other students who were philosophy majors - who wrote their paper in college! Lol. As the conference got closer however, I came to the realization that I did not know John Locke like I did when I wrote the paper. Not only had it been 6 years since I wrote the thing, but that was also before my accident. I lost SO much knowledge in my accident. So I felt screwed.
But what I did to prepare was this: First, I read my genius paper a few more times. Then I googled him and read all sorts of articles on Locke. I was still scared as crap though because I knew that I was going to go into a conference where there would be a Q&A session, with a whole bunch of philosophical people who knows a whole heck of a lot more than I do.
The day of the conference came. I got dressed up, at least kind of... I read more about Locke and my mommy and daddy came and picked me up. Then we went to the school together. We went up to the room where the conference was being held and I was sad because they didn't have a name tag for the speakers. :( My hour came and I went up to the front of the room to get ready to speak. A guy spoke before me and then I spoke. I practically read my paper, with a few breaks in between to say something that I learned while reading up on him.
Afterwards was Q&A and I was asked some of the most ridiculous questions. Questions I didn't even understand, so I didn't know how I was supposed to answer them. But, in the end, I had professors come up afterward and tell me that I did a good job on my speech and a good job handling the questions. Mom and dad also told me that I did a fabulous job. I don't know how I feel about how I did, but whatever.

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  1. This says this is from your Uncle Steve, but it really is from your Aunt Kathy!
    I think you not only did amazing, but the thing I liked was you weren't sure how you answered. I always take that as the spirit helped me answer or do whatever. Cuz I learned more and it wasn't me that answered. Does that make sense. And if everyone is telling you that you did a good job - WOW!! Just see what you can do as the Shannon today, that we all love!!!