Tuesday, September 6, 2016

PSY 2400

I have to inform you of school and such, which I will do. But in trying to decide which classes to take, I wrote the following for one of my assignments and the students thought it should be written on a blog or something, so here it is.
Imagine a young teenager, excelling in life, top of their class, high achiever in their favorite sport, has plenty of friends, etc. Then suddenly, in an instant, an accident occurs and this teenager’s world comes crashing down. Literally everything they once knew becomes a distant reality as they are placed into a coma. While they are in the coma, the muscles are deteriorating, their mental and cognitive abilities are falling away, and their physical capabilities shrink to almost nothing. When they first wake up they don’t even comprehend that anything happened to them and nothing makes sense as to why they are in the hospital. It only takes a few short months for friends to fade away. It’s a shocking realization that life will never be the same.

My top five strengths are authenticity, perseverance, valor, sense of purpose, and equity. With all of these strengths I can help this young teen. I have been through the exact experience that I just shared with you. Because of my genuineness and honesty, I am not afraid to share what I have been through. Because of my diligence, I won’t leave someone behind if they have reached out to me. Because of my bravery, someone’s difficulty will not be too challenging for me to take on. Because of my spirituality and faith, I believe that miracles are everywhere, including in the strangest of places, at the strangest of times, in the strangest of people. Finally because of my fairness and justice, I will not stand for others being treated as anything less than a whole person.  Because of what I’ve been through, I can use my strengths to help people, not just teenagers, not just TBI victims, but all who are disabled, by providing hope, an example of determination and faith. 

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