Thursday, December 1, 2016

A Special Mother

Today is my mother's birthday. And like all mothers, my mom gets far underappreciated and doesn't understand the great impact she has on her children's lives. I can't speak for my brothers and sisters, nor for anyone else out there, but I know that almost everyone has a similar story. Let me share mine. 
From day one, she has loved me. She dressed me up, she played silly games with me, she would catch me doing mischievous things, she sent me to my first day of school, etc. She would pick me up when I would cry, laugh with me, explain things to me, tell me that I don't know everything when I thought I did. She held my hand during my tonsillectomy, and laughed at all of the ridiculous things I said on pain killers. She was excited with me when I was twitterpated for the first time. She let me use her as my excuse if I ever wanted to get out of a situation. She went to parent teacher conferences, she would talk to me about friend drama, she would watch how I would like the boys. She wasn't always in the forefront of everything (and thank heavens!) but she was always there, and I always knew it. 
And then my accident happened. My entire world flipped on it's head. I lost everyone. I literally had not a single person from before my accident that I felt cared about me - AT ALL - except my mom and dad. I didn't always treat her like it though. In fact many, many times I would scream and yell at her, in fact the only person that I had a TBI moment on and couldn't remember who she was, was actually my mom. I told her I hated her at times. I hated that she kept me in the hospital, I hated that she didn't let me see people, I hated that she did all of these things that I didn't realize were for my best interest. Just like the way we get frustrated about the trials God throws our way. It's always in our best interest. But despite all of the anger, all of the hatred, all of the pain, the two people that stayed there throughout it all, was my mom and dad. My mom deserves the utmost respect. I am not the first trial she has faced. I am not the first child who's dreams have been crushed. But I will not let it be taken for granted. She deserves everything, especially in the hereafter. My mom is an outstanding woman who would do anything for anyone of her kids. She has proven that over and over and over again. I'll say it again, my mom parents, teaches, acts, loves like the Savior. She's not perfect, because no one is, but she's pretty close in a lot of ways. I love you mom. Happy Birthday. 


  1. Amen Shannon. Our mom is truly amazing. She has done more us that we even know. I am grateful for her too! I know that she will read this, and hopefully I get this posted before she does. Love you too Mom!

  2. This is so well written and describes my Aunt perfectly!!
    Happy Birthday aunt Pheobe! We love you!!