Saturday, March 12, 2011


I have now gotten home from skiing for the first time since my accident. I think I did pretty well actually; even though I fell 4 times. I was on the ground a lot more than that but that was mostly because of my stupid balance issues and stuff. We started out on the bunny hill. But, I thought that was stupid. So we went on up to some regular runs. (We even had to take a blue to get there, and I didn’t even fall!) I also thought I would be done after one last run after the bunny hill. I was not excited about skiing at all. In fact, I actually thought that I would probably report on here that I was not going to ski again until I had more control of my body. After we got on the normal runs though, I actually started to enjoy it. I began to think that maybe I could do it. I even thought that I could maybe even do everything I once could do. For example, I used to LOVE going on little terrains off the main trails and going on all sorts of jumps and everything. So I started to do that. That would be where my 4 falls came from. I was going off of all sorts of jumps and stuff, and that’s where I fell so many times. Even though I guess four’s really not a lot… but still. Some of the falls really hurt though. One of them took the wind out of me. A couple of the others banged my head, but was wearing a helmet, even though it still totally hurt. But, as for me being able to do everything else the same way I could do before, I think I actually did really well. I skied in parallel the WHOLE time, and I was carving like crazy! Haha. But yeah so anyway, that’s about it…. Oh and also, I am adding a video of me skiing as well.



  1. Shannon this is simply amazing that you were able to do this! GOOD JOB!!

  2. That is awesome! I've only been skiing once, and it was in California, lol even though I was raised in Utah. I'm glad it ended up being a good experience...sounds like you did awesome!