Monday, March 14, 2011


Okay, so here’s almost all of the Tonyaisms I have since I started recording them. One, the classic Tonyaism. Like for reals. If someone ever asks you one of the funniest things you’ve ever heard and you say Tonyaisms, this is the one to tell. So once upon a time Tonya walks in to my dad’s office and was like “Dad, can I have this candy bar, say no” So my dad, kind of confused, says “no” then she responds by SCREAMING “WHY NOT?!?!?!?!” Yes, so that’s number one.

The next one, we were randomly sitting around the table, probably playing a game or something, and Tonya just says “If I burn the house down, I will be mad.” It was so funny because it was SO random.

Next, is one that not everyone thinks it’s funny, but I for some reason, find it hilarious! So Tonya was just playing with my dad’s phone (before she had one) and dropped it in her oatmeal.

Then, next, she said “I don’t like adapted P.E.” but we all thought she said, “I don’t like dad to pee.” So we were like, “What? Why not?” and of course, she thought we had understood her, so she says things like “I just don’t, it bugs me,” things like that. It was great, but something you just kind of had to be there for.

Mom said “Why don’t you go take a cat nap?” Tonya: “I can’t take a cat nap, I’m a person!”

So one day we are just in the car, and Tonya randomly starts laughing. It was weird, anyway, so then I was like, “Tonya, what are you laughing about?” “Oh, I’m just giggling in my mind.”

This one is another one of those ones that no one else really thinks it’s funny, but I think it’s hilarious! Anywho, so we are just sitting in my mom’s study room, with my backpack facing us sort of. And there’s like 7 pens and like 2 pencils. But she said, “Shannon, I like your pencil collection, it’s really cute.”

Then once upon a time she was at Wendy’s with my daddy. So she got this Yogi Bear toy in her kid’s meal. So she was just ranting on about how funny it was going to be. She thought it would be SO funny that she said, “Daddy, when I see this movie, I’m going to laugh my laughbox right out!”

We are in North Carolina, visiting my brother, sister-in-law, nieces and nephew. Then, this one, you have to know Tonya just a little bit before you really get this one. But so, she spells out a lot of things after she says them. So like almost every night she’ll be like, “I’m going to bed, B-E-D.” Okay, so this one she says to my nieces, “Girls, tomorrow I’m going home, H-O-ME.” Yeah, see you really just have to understand Tonya on this one.

Finally, she says “Shannon, I don’t like ATEC.” “Tonya, I thought you loved ATEC.” “I know.” Yeah, I know this one’s not as funny, but it’s still great. Oh, and ATEC is where she goes to school part time. It’s a training school, so you can someday work at a job. Yeah, I don’t know that much about it but whatevs.

Okay, so here you go folks, for those of you who still read my blog, you should comment on here and tell me which is your favorite. (The “I just got hit by a truck” totally still counts!)



  1. all of them are super funny! i agree though-the first one is my favorite. i also like the cat nap one =)

  2. I love them all. Tonya has a talent to make people laugh and to take the edge off of a difficult situation. I hope you don't mind but I'm going to add a Tonyaism. Almost two years ago at girls camp in Heber where we stayed in cabins, everyone in my cabin (Tonya was one) were sitting around talking. Tonya kept asking Brett Pepper questions but she kept calling her "Brent" So we were like "Ton, her name is Brett not Brent." She just sat and thought about it for a minute and then she was like "Well I like BRENT better." It was so funny nobody could stop laughing. Not even Brett.

  3. Love the "I don't like dad to pee" lol...those are all hilarious. :)

  4. ahh shan these are great. i laughed at every one :)

  5. The truck one is still my favorite!