Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm going to post more! Promise.

Alright, so as I have gotten a whole lot of new insights, songs, (bothersome) conversations, and of course Tonyaisms, I promise I will be updating this thing SO MUCH more. Right now it is very late, but I will be posting on here much more often, I promise. I probably won't be posting everyday, so it's absolutely not necessary that you check my blog like you did when I was still in the hospital, but over the next little while I would encourage you to check it regularly, I mean if any of you still cares of course. If not, then don't even bother, obviously. But, anyway, I'll just give you a sneak peak really fast and include one really fast Tonyaism. (the next one on the list of Tonyaisms since the last time I posted one) Okay, so once upon a time, I was sitting on my bed in my room. My room is right across from mine and Tonya's bathroom. So we have this full length mirror on that door. So as I'm just chillaxing on my bed, I see Tonya. She's looking in the full length mirror just like moving her body up and down... I don't really know how to describe it. But anyway, so then we had this conversation: “Tonya, what are you doing?” “Oh, I’m just shaking my body.” “Why?” “Because I wanted to.” So, now in my household, we typically say things such as, "Are you doing that just because you wanted to?" Yeah, stuff like that! :) Anyway, tune in soon for more! :)

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  1. I am so glad that you're going to post more often. There's nothing quite as sad as me not checking for a while and then getting super excited to read the dozens of posts you made, then reading one, and it's two lines about your senior pictures. Which, by the way, look fantastic. You are one gorgeous girl. Did I tell you short hair looks good on you? Not many people can pull it off, but you look great. Heh. Anyway...
    I have this page on my regularly visited pages now, which is a cool phrase for saying I'm leaving this page open, more or less permanently. I sure hope that I'll get to use it more.
    Much adoration toward you, dear, and please don't be afraid to call me up if you want to play. I can understand if you don't, really, no offense will be taken, but if you do, call me, okay? It's quite likely I won't call you because I'm awful at remembering to call people. Writing fills up my mind, you know? Anyway, love you! Hope to hear more from you soon!
    -Your Chemistry Buddy, Sarah. (: