Thursday, June 23, 2011

When will my life ever go right? (song)

Okay so this is a song I started writing a little while ago, and I don't think it's finished, but I can't really add to it right now. So I'm posting what I have already (maybe all of it). So here is the song:

When will my life ever go right? –By Shannon Blackham

I am so sick and tired

Of everyone saying this is how I should be

Why can’t my old friends accept the new me?

Why haven’t I gotten close enough

to any of the new, to trust them?

When will my life finally go right?

No one thought I could do

What I’ve done.

But look at how I’ve proved them all wrong.

But, it doesn’t matter, not to anyone.

And instead, I have to continue,

In order to please those who still care at all.

When will my life ever go right?

Now I’m stuck here,

Crying on my bed.

But it doesn’t matter to anyone.

No one knows, and no one sees,

Because no one cares.

When will my life finally go right?

When will I ever get

That special kiss?

The one I so long for?

When will I ever

Have someone to just love me

For who I am?

When will my life ever go right?

Why are all the people I know

Either big lying turds

Or fake and immature?

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  1. Dear Shannon, First I want to tell you how much I love you. I love you, you are very special too me and have been since the first time I held  you in the hospital, you took my heart away. I have been reading you blog and the song you wrote. I felt so bad to to think that nobody cares. you feel your friends have forgotten you. It may seem like it but just do not worry about them. You are working hard to get ready for college working on things that will help.  We are so proud of you. I see that sometimes you don't feel like it but you are a very sweet girl, really a young lady. I look forward to hearing about college. And what fun you and your roommate will have  Here is the challenge I am giving you.  when you walk down the halls with tons of boys and girls you SMILE.-and say either hello or HI. There will be lots of new friends to make that will be very strong friends. That will be there for years to come. I have a hunch that the man of your dreams may just be across the hall or even your home teacher. Who knows?. time will go fast. But always remember that I have a listening ear. I will welcome a letter or note and I shall answer very quickly.  Have Sweet dreams and PLENTY OF. GOOD.  REST.  I. Love. You