Saturday, May 19, 2012

2 Years

So last Saturday officially marked 2 years since I ran straight into a backhoe on a motorcycle. I was trying to decide what to do to celebrate. I thought about doing another open house type of thing, but after my last post about people, hopefully you can understand why I wasn't so psyched about that idea. But this is where I think that Kelli Biegel (a lady that my family does family home evening with) was inspired. You see, she had invited me to go down to St. George with her to go see Brian Regan. (Yep, here's yet another Brian Regan story!) But I felt really uncomfortable going down with Kelli and her boys. So I had come to the conclusion that I wasn't going to go.... until I decided to call Yamari (Brian Regan's super sweet secretary). I called her and told her that I had the opportunity to go down and see Brian, but I was just wondering if I could possibly see him backstage again or something. She was so sweet and said "of course!" Then my neighbor, sweet as could be, offered his St. George house to me and my dad and sister for the weekend so that we could go to Brian Regan's concert. But then we ran into the problem of my dad and sister not having tickets. Well, that was more than taken care of too. My neighbor's boss used to be on the board of the theater that Brian Regan was performing at or something. So we got a few tickets that my neighbor's boss had kept reserved. Guess what row these seats were? 6th ROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were psyched! (mostly me, but my dad was super excited too.) As for before the show however, we got to go around the theater to this little area where Brian was chilling before the show and he was so great! He is SO GENUINE, anyone who was with me the first time we met him will vouch for me, but I LOVE IT, SO MUCH! He is the greatest guy ever! After we left, I remembered something that I had wanted to do with Brian, so I got up by myself and ran back to that room. Long story short, I ended up giving him MY autograph. (I did already get a card signed by him, so I guess that means I already have his!) ;) But, yeah, that does mean I'm gonna be a super famous person, ask Brian Regan. Lol. Then during his show, I decided that I would move to Las Vegas (where Brian Regan lives) and do whatever it takes to make his son marry me. :D How cool would it be to have your father-in-law be Brian Regan?? So that was how I spent my May 12th 2012.
Here's a comment I don't have a place for. So you see, on my new facebook, I put May 12th as my birthday. Because although I can't use that as my birthdate at hospitals and such, it really was the day that I was born as a new person. So it was funny because I had about 7 people (over 10% of that particular facebook friends) write on my facebook wall "Happy Birthday Shannon." And these people were some that I barely know, and others like my brother-in-law and my closest cousin. It was great.


  1. You noticed Mom wasn't mentioned....Ya my luck had run out and I had to do things at home. But I think it is awesome how well Brian and his secretary remember you all the time Shan. What a great way to spend the 2nd anniversary of the day you lived!! We are so grateful that you did...even with all the tough times, just your laugh and smile make it all worth it!!

  2. Shan, I am so glad you had a good anniversary of the accident!! (That seems a little weird to say) I am so grateful that you lived!! I feel so honored to have been the one God entrusted to be with you that fateful day! Although the last 2 years have had more than their share of rough times, you have kept going. YOU have proven that you can survive anything!! Not only did you live THAT day, you continue to take on the challenges of life with a TBI and that makes you the strongest person I know!! I know that life can be hard, near impossible, but it is our challenges that shapes us into the perfect beings we can become! I love you Shan! You are worth so much and I hope someday you can see your worth through an eternal view instead of seeing your worth by how others treat you. The people who really matter will always be there for you!! I love you sis!!

    Oh and PS- Chad is terrible with Dates and the meaning of them...He knew something was special about May 12, but then saw it on facebook as a birthday and he thought that was it. As soon as I told him it was the anniversary of your accident, it clicked for him but by then he already posted on your! dont hold it against him, he tries!!

  3. That is awesome Shan! How exciting!!

  4. That sounded like lots of fun. I am glad we were able to skype. Love you little Shannonhead.