Monday, July 2, 2012


Change is my worst enemy. There is only one thing that stays pretty consistent that I do not like. That is sleep; or rather the inconsistency of my sleep. It is now 5:15 AM, and I've already been awake for almost 3 hours. It sucks, and that is pretty regular. As far as I can think of at the moment, that's the only kind of consistency that I'm not so fond of. (wow, I don't know if that made any sense... I've been awake too early for too long!) Well, let's cover our bases. First let's talk about school. School sucks, because frankly, I can't travel across campus all day, and I can't concentrate as much as a single class requires, I can't stand people and I just can't handle college at the time being. Next let's talk about church. I was called as a nursery leader a while back, (not quite a year) and it was great. I LOVE little kids and my co-nursery leader is awesome. But fairly recently they changed her on me, she's now doing something in the Relief Society and they put in some different nursery leaders. Nothing is the same there, but I'm not going to go into that one anymore. Then, let's talk about work. It started off with my co-worker buddies moving around so I barely got to see them anymore. Then my very best work-friend got moved to a different position. Then my supervisor changed, then he went somewhere else so he changed again, then my first supervisor went to a completely different department. And I'm hardly even working at all anymore. Frankly, I don't know what happened. And if you have talked to me at all in the past 2, nearly 2 1/2 years, you'd know that I absolutely cannot stand people changing like crap on me, with absolutely no warning. See, it goes a little something like this. Nearly everyone has just abandoned me, without any explanation. And each time I try to get them to explain to me what I did, they run even further. My best friend is my bishop, and I thought that it had something to do with his calling, but little did I know, it is just because he is an INCREDIBLE guy. Because you see, I've had a few encounters with another bishop, and he is heartless to say the least.

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  1. i didn't even know you posted this! you gotta tell me these things :)

    Sorry about "the heartless one" ... he's dumb. But you DO have an incredible bishop. I don't think i know anyone else that is closer to their bishop than you are. It's pretty incredible.

    I didn't know that so much had been changed around at work, so i'm glad i read your post. I see you almost everyday, but somehow i usually learn something knew about whats going on with your life when i read your blog posts :)

    You're awesome Shan. I'm so glad i get to be your friend. See ya tomorrow hopefully :D