Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Just A Couple Of Funnies......

Okay, so yes, I know that you're expecting some more Tonyaisms here, that's not what I'm going to be putting on here today. Although I do realize there have been quite a few more that you have not heard, I will add those later. Today I just want to tell you about a couple of other funny things that happen in the Blackham household. I got jaw surgery on August 14, 2012, right? yeah, so I have not been able to eat anything except for liquids - but not even through a straw because it hurts so bad to suck. But anyway, so they initially gave us some big thick syringes that we could suck up my food into, and then squirt it into my mouth. Well you see, as time went on, the syringe would get more and more difficult to move. One morning in particular, we were having a really rough time, so I was working as hard as I could to try to get the syringe to move so that I could get some nutrients in me. Okay, so then it FINALLY moved. But, it decided to EXPLODE. What I mean by EXPLODE is that it went everywhere. I was sitting on one side of the kitchen, Tonya on the other, and the food that was in the syringe ended up all over the ceiling across the entire kitchen, so much so that it ended up dripping, on Tonya's head. It was so funny, I cannot write it justice. Second thing that was so funny that happened recently has something to do with strawberry shortcake. I don't remember what I was upset with Tonya about, but I was very upset with her over something. So I yelled "Tonya!" and smacked my hand in her lap. But, she had strawberry shortcake in her lap, so that's where my hand went, and it made the bowl and everything in it go flying way up in the air. There were strawberries everywhere, but my favorite part is yet to come. We just got kitties, right? Yeah well Tonya's kitty, Mazie, is completely black. And the whipping cream from Tonya's bowl, got ALL OVER Mazie. It was so funny and words just cannot do it justice.

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  1. hahahahahaha

    poor Tonya and Mazie.. victims of your Food flinging. Shannon, you really gotta get this under control. I don't know how much more food people can take being flinged at them.

    also, why haven't i been victimized yet? i feel kinda left out..