Monday, October 15, 2012


Well I haven’t posted in quite a while, and I’ve been going through a lot lately. I am basically a failure at everything. See, I can’t do anything to help out at home, I cannot go back to school, I can’t do anything at church and I can’t even survive work anymore. And I know what you’re thinking; but that’s the worst part. I am so sick of hearing everyone tell me that I can do a bunch of crap that frankly I just cannot do. And worst of all, I literally/physically cannot do them. One of the doctors that I have had was a great advocate for me in this case. He said that there is something chemically wrong with my brain, which actually does make a lot of these tasks impossible, or next to impossible, and with my lack of drive to do anything (again from my chemically imbalanced brain) therefore impossible. So all in all I’m going through a lot, still without any friend my own age, I don’t see a purpose for anything, and I can’t even help myself. That’s about all that I’m even going to write today though. So take it, and soak it in I guess. :/

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  1. my whole family is so sorry cas you are so sad. It has been hard for me too get used to a new house and first grade. i think you are a good cousin too have. we love you so much. My music teacher told us a joke. My teacher would say one part and the kids said one part.
    Teacher: I am a silver lock
    Kids: I am a silver key
    Teacher: I am a red lock
    Kids: I am a red key
    Teacher: I am a monk lock
    Kids: I am a monk key

    We thought it was funny. i hope you feel happy soon. from lucy and melanie.