Sunday, March 17, 2013

More Brain Surgeries!

I write today to inform anyone who still reads my blog of the upcoming surgeries. I go back to Primary's on Wednesday, (March 20) where they will preform a lesser-degree surgery. This surgery is to place two "expanders" in the back of my head. The purpose for this surgery is to stretch the skin covering my skull. They need this added elasticity for a couple of reasons. One is so that they can stretch it over the synthetic plate which they will be adding to my current skull (I'll explain in a minute). Another reason is so that the surgeon can have extra skin to work with, reducing the risk of infection. And as an added bonus, my surgeon said that he would cut out my original scar, and stitch up where there would not already be scar tissue. (Unfortunately I can't have them give the scar to me.) I then get to put in more saline into these expanders until the next surgery.
The next surgery is scheduled for May 3. This surgery is where they will take care of all of the reconstructive work. First they will take out all of my current plates and screws (which I am getting, don't worry!). They have made a plate of synthetic bone-like-material via a 3D CT scan. So the next step is where they will go in and match that to my skull. This surgery will probably take approximately 6-8 hours. I will then stay at least a couple of nights at the hospital. 
I am hoping that these will be the last two cranial surgeries I ever have to have. Then I feel like I will finally be able to move on and put all of the accident in the past. Because of this, I have been starting to make all sorts of fun plans for after these surgeries. So, yeah, I think that's about it! :)


  1. 1st off I love the short cut pic but I super love the way you wear it now. My prayers are with you and in hopes of great times ahead. Keep being wonderful! U R SO Loved!!!!! Teresa

  2. I like knowing the surgery dates, helps when I am sending up my extra prayers for you. Good luck and I hope these are your last cranial surgeries too, you have been a trooper in recovery of them.
    love you.