Sunday, March 31, 2013


Let's just give a quick update. Last surgery, about 10 days ago. They expected just to have me in, do a quick hour and a half surgery and send me right home. Didn't quite work out that way. When they brought me out of surgery they asked me what my pain level was, and putting Brian Regan jokes aside, I said 9.5/10. So they put me on different narcotics trying to ease the pain. It didn't get much better. By the time 7:30 or 8:00 rolled around my pain level was still at about 8.5, so they admitted me into the CSU (Children's Surgical Unit) for an overnight stay so that they could get my pain to a more manageable level. I stayed awake all night long. I felt terrible for the nurse because I kept calling her back in to ask her questions about medications, or what kinds of snacks I could have and stuff, but she was great. I think over the course of the night they got me down to pain level 7/10 on oxycodon, but I had also spiked back up to 9.5 throughout the course of the night as well. By about 7 in the morning we had finally started to see some real improvement with some of the pain meds. We had finally felt like maybe we could send me home. So I went home Thursday afternoon. Since The 21st of March I have constantly battled a roller coaster of pain management. It has been especially hard because we are trying to save the really heavy stuff for the times that we know I'm going to be in the most pain. For example, when I go into the hospital again this Tuesday to have the doctors inject more saline into my expanders. While worrying about that, I have also been concerned about not taking loritab too often because loritab has been my go-to medicine when my headaches are really, really bad and NOTHING seems to be able to knock them. And I don't want to have built up a tolerance to loritab as well. But I am still in so much flipping pain. That's about that.

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  1. Shannon,

    This is Mrs. Sarager, the old peer tutoring teacher from timberline. I found your blog through Facebook and I hope it's not weird that I am commenting. I just spent the last hour reading through old posts. You are such a good writer! You are very talented, and so insightfl. Thank you for sharing how you are feeling!

    I hope it was ok I commented.