Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The big miracle is still emerging!

I keep thinking that I will find the time to post something to the blog. But there always seems to be more to do than can be humanly accomplished. Then I think back on how we dropped everything and lived at the hospital for 7 weeks. Why do we forget such important lessons??

Tonight this entry was prompted by an experience Shan and I had. Shannon still struggles to go to sleep at night. Her dad or I usually spend time with her, reading scriptures, telling her stories (especially about her hospital stay), etc. I guess if you lose a whole month or more from your life, you kind of want to know what was happening to you. A few days ago, Shannon started printing out the blog we have written with all the messages and we started reading it. For me, it has brought back a whole array of emotions that we experienced at the time. As I was reading to Shan tonight, what came back so strongly was all the love and support that we got from so many many people. Many of the posts I had a very hard time getting through for the tears that were in the way! My heart just swelled with gratitude and love for all who have been there for us. It is mind boggling to think of so many.

I was also reminded that we are on a journey towards our one big miracle. In the hospital, we looked for and saw every little miracle along the way. One entry talked about the baby steps we take on the road towards the big miracle. That big miracle is Shannon's full recovery. We aren't there yet. And when I stop to reflect on our daily happenings, I realize that there still are many tender mercies and little miracles coming from our Father in Heaven on our way to that big miracle. We are so close to that big miracle and we see it happening every day. Shannon's strong determination is a great asset to her. She truly is in control of this miracle now!

Early on, when Shannon was slowly coming out of the drug induced coma, several people commented on how Shannon would now have control. Through her hard work and determination, we certainly are seeing that now. She is amazing. The time in the hospital is pretty blurry to her but life today is very real and in her mind, (and it is her experience), this time now is much harder than in the hospital. And still she keeps working to improve and do better and to keep the faith. She is amazing.

Just for the record, I will give you a few updates. Shannon's eyes continue to improve albeit very slowly. Her balance is really doing well most of the time. Her awareness of people and things around her continues to increase. Due to the doctor's comments, we are letting Shannon drive occasionally when she is with us. She is doing rather well but her reflexes and awareness are still not quite strong enough to take the needed driving test. As she mentioned, she got a 4.0 last term but she had to really work hard. She had lots of support from her Dad and her teachers but she did it. Her moods are stabelizing and her coping skills are increasing. As I said, she really is amazing and is making ongoing progress.

It puts things into perspective when you see the doctors. 6 weeks ago when we saw the neurosurgeon after a month, he walked in, looked at her and his eyes began to fill with tears, just seeing her there. Last week when we told him about her grades, he looked at her, slowly began to shake his head and said, "Unbelievable!". Yes, when we remember where she was a little over 6 months ago, we all know that it is a miracle. That miracle continues to happen and the end in not here yet. We are grateful to know that the Lord is still very mindful of Shannon and our family. We know that prayers continue to be answered. It is never as fast as she (or any of us for that matter) would like, but the answers do come!

Congratulations Shannon on your 6 month mark! You continue to defy all odds! And we are so glad! We love you!


  1. So amazing. There are tears in my eyes...miracles do happen. Small and large. :)

  2. Yeah for 6 months. I am grateful that Shannon is here still with us and I am grateful that she was sent to your famiy where just the right parents would be there to help her through this experience. I am grateful to have been apart of your family. LOVE YOU

  3. 6 months- go girl! I have stepped away and haven't seen you for awhile. I am here to say when I read what you are doing- you have come a long way in the past 2 months. I hope you can see it and are enjoying your success. I miss seeing you in those early mornings- but I am glad for you that you have come far enough that you don't need those sessions anymore! Holly
    ps for some reason this is signing me in under my husbands name- so don't be too confused (this is par for my computer skills :)