Saturday, December 11, 2010

Brian and progress

So I decided that we don’t need to be so lazy about updating my blog all the time and maybe I should start to update it more often. That is, if anyone still reads it. Because I’m not sure if anyone still even does. So anyway, there are 3 main things I would like to address to you today. First would be BRIAN REGAN!! Second would be standing, and third would be running!

So anyway Brian Regan. Oh man, this was the best thing ever! So my Bishop, who is a CFO for NuSkin, had a business party for their company with a Brian Regan entertainment. So my bishop could get a whole bunch of tickets for this thing so he gave me 6 flipping tickets to go see Brian Regan!!! Oh my gosh, it was incredible! He had quite a few new jokes that I hadn’t heard before, but he also did have some I knew very well. Including this one joke he has that goes something like this: My teacher once asked me what the I before E rule was and I said I before E, always. Okay? So he was forgetting his own lines for this joke but it was great because I was on the third row and I said always before him so he looked down at me and then said always. Oh man it was great. Even though, I unfortunately didn’t see it, my friends and family still told me that was what happened. Anywho, so yeah I got to bring my family and two of my closest friends. It was pretty exciting. And although I did not get to go back and meet him or anything, its ok because I’m still counting on his promise that next time he comes in town we can get backstage passes.

So about standing. If you don’t remember, it was not very long ago when I couldn’t walk without assistance let alone stand for very long. So I still have quite a few issues with standing, like I really just can’t stand for very long but it was so great what happened to me the other day. So I was in seminary and I just didn’t feel like sitting. Which is really weird for me because I ALWAYS feel like sitting. But yeah so anyway, I asked my teacher if I could maybe just stand reverently during class. And he said that would be fine so I did. He eventually said something about having a new calling, being the reverent child, then he also had me come stand at the front of the class to show everyone how reverent I was being. Anywho, so then I got kind of tired not too long after I was up there, but I decided I needed to stick it out to practice standing so I could get better at it. So I then stood up for almost all of the class. At like 2:05 I finally sat down, but yeah, that would mean that I would have been standing for over a whole freaking hour! Which is incredible, by the way. I still can’t do that, unless I force myself to, but I just get tired way too quickly.

So running. Running was great. I found out the other day that I can totally run again! Which is kind of a miracle, no wait, it is a miracle. I totally ran from McDonalds, which is right across the street from the school, into the school! It was great. And granted, I still did kind of feel like the whole world around me was just like bouncing up and down and stuff but I still ran! And that’s really all that matters. Lol. So yeah, I’m jazzed to start playing football again once spring comes back around. I don’t really know who I’d play with but still, it’d still be totally awesome! Anywho, so I think that’s just about it.



  1. First....I still totally read this. are funny - football!?!? and third I am thrilled that you stood for so long! By small and simple things great things come to pass sista!

  2. Why am I funny? I LOVE football! I miss it so much actually. Sad thing is is that senior year I was thinking about maybe even trying out for the boys team cause i love it so much! lol. anyway, thanks for still reading it, I have a feeling you're one of very few. And third, thanks! I feel very accomplished with my standing capability. lol

  3. We check it all the time! Please keep updating. My kids always ask what is going on with you and pray for you EVERY night! We love you.

  4. you know what? I totally will do that, just in case some random person happens to run into my blog and it inspires them and makes them a better person... maybe. But anyway, yep, I'm going to do that right now. So check in later and I will have another entry up! :)

  5. Hey Shannon,
    I check the blog all the time and also see what you post on Facebook. I'm so thrilled that you are seeing so many miracles and especially at this season of the year when we celebrate the greatest miracle of all. Love you!

  6. Hey Shannon, I'm one of those random people that happened upon your blog from a friend's facebook page. It's so great to see your progress and love to see you so happy! My husband had a massive stroke in January and has had some similar struggles. Your family has been an inspiration to me. Keep a keepin' on and be of good cheer!!