Monday, December 13, 2010


Dear blog-readers. Today I would just like to update you on one of the most exciting things that happened to me today. I can now see! Oh my gosh, I’m so excited! It’s crazy the difference it makes when I put these glasses on and off, it’s like black and white. That’s how bad my vision has gotten since this injury. Anyway, I should probably back up for just a second. So today we finally got to go see the eye doctor. The reason why I say “finally” and “got to” is because I have wanted to see him for SO long. Just so that I could see again, and not always have to go like 2 feet away from the board to see anything and stuff like that. Anywho, so we finally got to go see him today. He did what I thought he would do, he gave me a prescription for glasses. I think I look SO ugly in glasses, but if it makes it so I can see finally, it’s worth it. So yeah, that would be my big important update for today. But oh my gosh, I’m so excited. It was funny, as we drove around today I just could not stop obsessing about how I can finally see things! Oh man, it’s so great!


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  1. Gosh Shanni, if we all knew it would be THAT easy to make you happy and excited, we would have made sure you got your glasses months ago!!! YEA for YOU! I am so glad that you can NOW begin to see the beauty and miracles of your recovery through your new glasses. I hope they help you see the many wonderful things around you, the many wonderful things you have to "look" forward to in your life, and especially, that you will "see" just how many people love you and have been deeply touched by you in their lives. I know for me, I am grateful daily for the gift of having you, my little friend, in my life! Love you so much!!! Sue