Friday, September 9, 2011

Sometimes, good things actually do happen

Okay, I know that there's a lot of things in my life that really have not been going so great right now. But, there are a few that have. And I figure, let's celebrate those, and live as much as we can in those moments rather than the nasty ones. So, here, I am writing to inform you all.

First, on Wednesday, there was one thing that was SO SUPER AWESOME that happened. So, my brother, Nate, saw on some billboard the other day that Brian Regan was coming to Salt Lake in January. Knowing that the tickets would sell fast, and remembering the promise he made to me when he talked to me on my birthday last year, I needed to call quickly. The promise he made was that the next time he came down around my hometown, he told me I could get backstage passes to go and meet him!! On the house!!!! Anyway, so smartest thing I ever did, was when I took down the number from which he called on, on my birthday. I called that number, and I started out by saying "Hi, I'm Shannon Blackham, the girl with the tbi, who Brian Regan called last year for my birthday..." And she practically interrupted me saying, "Oh yes, I remember you, I was actually going to call you today." !!!!!! See, my dad and I had sent him a letter a little while ago, saying thank you, and also giving him a bumper sticker that I made last Christmas that says, "Be Safe, Be Smart, WEAR A HELMET." She wanted to call me to tell me that he had gotten that, he was grateful, and he got it the exact day he was planning to go get bikes and helmets for his kids!! (Can you imagine being the cashier for BRIAN REGAN???) Anyway, so I started to mention that he was coming down this direction in concert fairly soon and once again, she stopped me by saying, "oh yes and I remember that we promised you and your family tickets" !!!!!! So anyway, she told me that she would email me and that I should get back to her with the number (relatively small) of tickets I would need. So, oh my gosh! First, I get to meet Brian Regan, my favorite guy in the world, up close and personal, like in person!!! And, second, he (or at least his secretary) remembered me! And third, he totally loves some of the stuff I'm doing! (i.e. the bumper sticker!!!)

Second, on Thursday, I had an interview with the best company in the world. (they really are a GREAT company, and they generally hire from within, so if you start at the bottom, it's easy to make it your career and become super important, like the CFO such as my bishop or something!) Nuskin. Best company ever. They have one of the top i don't know what its called, but where you have people working for the same company for basically forever, rates, they work in over 60 (I think) countries, etc. Anyway, BEST COMPANY EVER!!! So, I had an interview with them, and I thought it went really well, but I wasn't sure and I was scared to say anything because then the jinx monster would come and backfire me for it! :P lol.

Third, today I got a call, saying that they were offering me that job!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I am SO excited. Oh, and also, their starting salary, for their like low job is, 10.25 an hour!! Boo Yah!!! Anyway, so I am starting up there ASAP!!! OMG SO EXCITED!!! I'll post more later if I think of anything else, but those were the two things I was OMG SO SUPER EXCITED about so I decided to put that on here!!


  1. You are awesome, Shannon. Thanks for posting these wonderful things. Reminds me to look for the positives, the rainbows in the storm....

  2. Shan congrats on getting the job!! That's awesome girl :) And I'm STOKED for you to meet Brian Regan. I know how much you love him. You'll have such a blast come January :)