Sunday, September 25, 2011

Tonyaisms, of course!

Dear Readers, I don't know what the last Tonyaism I put on the blog is. So I'm sorry if there are any repeats.Okay, here they are:

1. “Tonya, why are you so weird?” “Why not?”

2. We are sitting at kitchen counter finishing breakfast. Dad has finished our scripture time. Looking at the clock, we know we have to keep Tonya moving. So he says to her, "Tonya do you have your shoes on?" She says "no." I came back in the kitchen from the pantry and looked at Tonya's feet and her shoes are on. I said, "Tonya, your shoes are on! why did you say they weren't?" She looked up at me with this horrified look and then said to her Dad, "I lied. I am sorry Dad, I lied to you."

3. You can call me on my house phone that’s 801-XXX-XXXX or my cell phone, that’s 801……I don’t know

4. It’s like 1:30 in the morning, and Tonya had to get up to go to the bathroom, my dad is sitting in my room talking to me and she comes in, “Dad, I have a question for you.” My dad, thinking it was something really important responded, “Yes….?” “Who won?” “BYU” “Oh good.” Then she went right back to bed.

5. “I don’t know why I was errrrrrring.”

6. Tonya sneezed in the middle of church. Followed by HER saying “bless you.”

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