Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Patience Requires Time--Lots of it!

I was reviewing the blog looking for a comment from someone early on and came across the entry that talked about "miraculous doesn't mean instanteously". Oh my, how true that is!! How grateful I am for all the little miracles along the way that keep us from forgetting the BIG MIRACLE of a full recovery. I thought I would share a couple of the most recent little miracles for they have not ceased, we just aren't paying as much attention as we should.
Sunday, Shannon was asked to talk to the children in Primary. It was a difficult task considering Shanon hasn't been in front of a group yet. But she was asked to come to both Junior and Senior Primaries and talk to them about miracles still happen today. She talked about how the Brother of Jared had to do something himself before he got the miracle of the Lord touching the stones and causing them to give light to the barges. He had to make the plan and then find the rocks and then the Lord gave him the miracle. She then told the children that they had caused a miracle by doing something--by their fasting and praying for her because she was alive and there. All the doctors did not think she would live and yet she was standing in front of them. It was very sweet and very tender for me as her Mom to listen to. The tender mercies from this experiences--first, she was asked and second, she had to recognize herself that the fact that she is alive is a miracle. As she left the senior Primary, the Primary President said to the children, "There is your modern day miracle." She felt that internally as she was leaving without a doubt.
The question people are asking us all the time now is, "is Shannon going to go back to school?". The answer is absolutely. She is adamant that she can handle all 4 AP classes as well as debate and 2 other classes. We, of little faith, are concerned that it will be too difficult; not because of the academics but because of her cognitive fatigue. Her attention has gotten a lot better but still lacks some but mostly because of the fatigue. We are concerned about her balance walking down the halls of the high school with 2500 other students but hope that the next two weeks will make a significant difference to her balance. We are concerned and plan to be very involved--more than ever before, but we believe in Shannon. Even now at times when the fatigue gets to her, she can become focused just to prove it to us! She is a very determined girl!
So the next tender mercy I want recorded follows. Yesterday I began the process of finding out who I needed to talk to in order to get any supports we might need for Shannon. I had been told that each school district had their own TBI team. So i called the school district, and after being transferred only twice I ended up with one of the team member. I had actually been given her name before but I had lost it and so it was only by chance that I got her. We talked for a while but she couldn't help me a great deal without Shannon's records and because there was another team member that was over the secondary schools. But in the conversation, she did tell me that to get a different school counselor (whih I knew we would need), I would need to talk to the assistant principal over that department. So I called the school and was put in touch with the right assistant principal. The great tender mercy...he totally understands TBIs for his wife had a severe TBI just 3 years ago. I could have cried--to know that there is someone in authority at the school who "gets it" will make everything a little bit easier. I asked him questions about his wife and if she had dealt with some of the things that Shannon is dealing with and he said yes each time. He knows! That alone gave us peace and reaffirmed the knowledge that the Lord has a plan and it is interwoven with people's lives so that the right people are in the right places at the right time for the support that is needed for His children. It is amazing and I am once again so grateful to God for letting me know that He is there.
I think I mentioned that Shannon has begun to put a schedule into place each day. She was always excellent at planning before and making lists of what needed to be done when there was a lot to do. She is doing well at that and it is making a difference. She has more control and she is more productive each day. She has been positive with her therapists and we are cutting back on the amount of time that the therapists are here. She is scheduling activities throughout the day that they have recommended that she work on. She gets help from us when she needs it. This has also been good because the number of visitors have dwindled as would be expected. She certainly misses having people come. FYI--we don't really schedule when people come anymore, first because there aren't that many and second, because she is able to handle most any situation. Late afternoons and evenings are always best but now she even has some days where she is able to see people in the mornings. So call to see if we are here but you are welcome any time to visit. I don't know how many people are even reading the blog anymore but at least we are recording some things that will make a great history for Shannon.
We are still dealing with lots of challenges; eye sight, balance, depression, discouragement, impulsivity, and fatigue. I talked with the education specialist at Primary Childrens' today and she reminded me again that Shannon's injury was a very serious injury and it takes a very very long time for recovery. She is amazed at all Shannon is doing. So we need to remember that when things seem to be going so slowly and be grateful for where we are!


  1. For the record, I still read the blog! I think the smallest steps are the biggest inspiration, at least for me. Keep up the hard work, Shannon, and the next time I'm down that way I'd love to come see you!

  2. I was told of your blog recently. One of My sweet friends told of Shannon at Our Girls Camp. (Taylor Psalto)
    about 4 weeks ago My nephew was in a horrible car accident. The driver was distracted and ran into a parked Dump truck. All others in the car walked away without injury. My nephew took the entire impact in his head. It is thought that his head hit the "bumper"
    He was rushed to the ER where his Mother was sitting with a neighbor. She waited for his arrival. His brother drives truck and happened to be in SLC on a break. He was at the Hospital in Murray when Steven's life flight arrived. We see these things as small blessings.
    I asked Taylor for some reassurance and to tell me how her cousin was doing, she sent me here. I am happy to find hope in your blog. Thank you for writing. I will have to check in and see Shannons Progress. It gives me Hope for my sweet nephew.
    Keep going Shannon. I pray for your continued progress and for your success.

  3. I still read this blog and check it daily. Even though I don't know Shannon personally, she is an inspiration! I live in Rexburg now, but Aaron was my home teacher in Cincinnati, and I thought the world of him and of Kim. Keep up the good work Shannon!

  4. I've been following your blog since its beginning. Your family continues to show such strong love and faith in the face of this awful situation. I have numerous friend and family members who inquire regularly about Shannon's progress and who also send their prayers for your family for strength and courage to continue facing your challenges. There are so many people whose recovery would be so impaired because they would not have the personal determination or the support and unfailing love of family. God bless you.

  5. Hey little sister, keep the blog going. I check not every day now but several times a week and I am always anxious to see who Shannon is progressing. Don't stop now. Boy Shannon you are really a fighter. Keep up the good work. Aunt Judy