Monday, August 16, 2010

All good news!

Thank you all for your comments! There were very helpful during a time that the support was needed. Once again the Lord provides a way to let us know that His angels are watching over us!

Tonight I wanted to give a couple of updates. First, we went to the eye doctor last week. That was a very positive experience. The doctor looked in her eyes and remarked how great the corneas looked! As you recall, the last time her vision was 20/70 and 20/80 but it has improved to 20/40 and 20/50! He expects it to just continue improving although it may seem slow. He suggested she sit in the front of the classroom and use reading glasses only if she wanted to. Then he didn't want to see us back for 4 months!! Good News! We love the good news!! She does still struggle with her eyesight and squints one eye a lot but she does get by very well.

More good news is that Shannon seems to be much calmer with fewer incidents of anger or sadness. We have had several very good days in the last week. Yesterday all 3 therapists commented on how well she was doing and how her attitude made all the difference. She about wore me out though! Yesterday I went with her and her physical therapist on a walk for 70 minutes!! It had a pretty good clip most of the way. We made a few brief stops; Grandma's and 2 of the YW leaders homes. But I was tired when we returned. An hour and a half later, Shannon was involved in OT and then Speech, one right after the other. Immediately, after that we went to the AF hospital because Shannon had an interview for a volunteer position she herself had applied for! She would be awesome and it would be a great place for her to give back to the community. We hope that the fact that she is a senior and is still in recovery won't stop them from letting her serve there. After the interview, we met Shannon's sister for a quick ice cream, went back home and a bunch of kids came to go swimming with Shannon. At 6:30 pm, she finally slowed down! It was a very long day and today it shows in that she is more tired than usual but she is still doing all that she needs to be doing. She is truly a fighter!
Another little miracle to tell you all about! We went to the dentist for the first time since the accident. Shannon went for 6-7 weeks with out a toothbrush in her mouth and habits are hard to re-establish. So her teeth have been very neglected. The dentist found a tooth that must have been injured in the accident and had since broke plus he found two very small cavities in the back of her mouth. They are all simple enough that he can fix them in one appointment. He was amazed and said himself that it was a miracle that there were not more problems with her teeth! So another miracle to add to the list. It surely is a very long list of tiny miracles that we continue to experience in the process of our "big" miracle!

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