Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thursday we met with Dr. Giles, the last time Shannon met her, it wasn't very pleasant. However, this time was much better. This is the doctor who prescribes the medications for Shannon. She was very pleased at the progress Shannon is making.
We also met with a pediatric psychologist that will be helping Shannon with some of the challenging adjustments she is still facing. We were all very impressed with him and his knowledge about brain injuries. It is always such a great feeling to leave a doctor's office and feel like they really know what they are doing for you! So much of medicine is a guessing game because we are all so different.
We have had two meetings with the school. We had such hope that this would be easy to get the help needed but as with all education people, they are spread too thin. We are still at some what of a stalemate with Shannon as she believes she will be totally fine at school all day. And with her determination, she just might very well show us that we are underestimating her will power!! Her balance is still a bit of a concern...especially when there is a lot going on around her and when she is tired. With the amount of concentration that is needed for all the classes she is taken, we are concerned about how tired she will be as well. But as we have said many times before, time will tell and we will just have to wait and have patience and trust in Shannon and the Lord.
Someone mentioned Shannon's restrictions and so I thought I should update everyone there. As Shannon has continued to progress and make wise choices, the more of her "freedoms" (rather privledges) have been given back to her. There are some that will not ever be because they should have been restricted long before the accident. But yes, Shannon can go out with friends, she has full access to her computer so long as it is being used in the family room/ kitchen. She has her phone for the most part but not for use in her bedroom! HOWEVER now the phone is not in working order so she still can't call. Dad is working to get that taken care of as well. But all in all, for the most part, Shannon has complied with the restrictions to the point and has progressed far enough that we believe she can handle the types of challenges that may come with the phone and computer.

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