Thursday, July 28, 2011

End of Day Thursday

We are certainly grateful for the good times so we have strength for the tougher times.  This afternoon Shannon's pain began to get out of control.  She had been on morphen and tylenol.  They changed that to oxycodin and tylenol and it did nothing for her.  She had just been miserable without any relief.  So they called the doctors and they added lortab that has worked for Shannon before.  So in hopes to get her to be able to sleep, they have given her a dose of morphen, topped with benedyrl for the itching from the morphen, and then they have given her the lortab.  We will add the oxy again in a couple hours.  Our hope is to get on top of the pain and stay on top of it so her body can worry only about healing!!  Some of the pain is generated from the drains in the back of her head.  They are positioned in 3 spots across the back of her head making it impossible to lay her head back without pain.  She is generally a back sleeper but we rigged up about 5 pillows so that she could lay on her stomach with her face buried in between pillows.  Then we have 5 ice packs, one that her forehead is laying on, one right above that one and then 3 covering the back of her head.  Have you ever tried to get 5 ice packs to lay around your head?  It's not easy! :)  But I do think we may have found a combination that is going to work because she is finally sleeping. The sad part is that they will have to wake her at midnight and 4 for vitals and she isn't one that goes back to sleep easily.Please all pray for her to get some good sleep!!

Shannon's face is finally beginning to swell more. Still it is nothing like it was with the last surgery, she looks really good as compared to then.  She has had one visitor and a couple of phone calls that she truly has enjoyed. 

Thank you for all your prayers. 


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