Wednesday, July 27, 2011

re: in ICU

Update: Well, we are in the ICU. Shannon looks great, so much better than I had imagined! I guess I expected her to look like she did when they did the first bone flap. But she looks good. The swelling hasn't really started much yet but it is still hard to tell how things are going to look. She has been very awake and talking to us. Her biggest complaint has been her sore dry throat (from the breathing tube) and her incision. She has her famous ice pack positioning going on and has been drinking water and eating ice chips constantly. About 20 minutes ago, they gave her more pain meds and now she is groggy and in and out of sleep. We hope she will finally settle and really sleep.

They did feel like they needed to put 2 drains in and they have been draining well. I haven't been able to tell real well yet how the shaved part of the head looks because it is pretty matted and covered with ice packs (via Shannon). The ICU doc was just in and increased the amount of moraphin to more of the appropriate size for an 18 year old. That should give her a little more comfort. But, the trooper that she is, she hasn't complained much at all. Interestingly, she even has a had time quantifying her pain levels. That will be interesting to Cindy.

If there are any developments different than what we have said, we will email again but most likely this is the last tonight. When we get moved to a permanent room tomorrow, we will let you all know. If you have questions, email is the best way to reach us. The phone does not work in all places here at the hospital.

We truly feel that the Lord has heard our prayers and accepted our fast.  I love that calm peace that comes when we know God is in control.  We have had the best of doctors, nurses and care.  We love the people at Primary Children's hospital.  We saw some of the nurses from the PICU that became friends when we were here 14 months ago.  Together, we reminisced on the miracles that have happened so that our sweet Shannon is not only here today but doing so very well!  She is such a delight in our lives.  We have much to be grateful for.


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