Sunday, July 24, 2011

Surgery Again

Alright folks, some of you may already know, but I figured this is a monumental event I need to document. So, I get to go in for surgery again this wednesday (july 27th). This is a "reconstructive surgery" to make my head look all pretty again - on the inside and the out. So, what they are doing. They are basically opening up my head again, but don't worry, I don't need to get shaved bald again, otherwise I wouldn't let them do it. They just need to shave about 1-2 inches around my original scar from the accident. Then, they get to peel open my head like a banana. Then, they take a drill, put it in reverse mode, and take out all 64 of the screws that are currently in my head. Which, in turn, then takes out the 16 plates I have in my head as well. Next, they file down the random bone spurts which have formed in my head. Finally, the last step they get to do is the scariest. This is where they carve out part of my thick skull from the area where they did NOT take it out of my head before. The reason for this, is so that they can put it in places on my head where the bone has severely dissolved, such as my forehead. See, the good thing about this, the thing I just have to trust the professionals about, is that this part of my skull won't dissolve. It dissolved before, because it was in a freezer for 4 1/2 weeks which caused some of the blood vessels and such to die. Then, the bone couldn't get the nutrients it needed, so it dissolved. But, with this, they say because its brand new and super fresh, it won't have the same effect.
Finally, visitors are strongly encouraged! Especially since 6 days after the surgery takes place, is my birthday. I will stay in the hospital from anywhere between 3-7 days. So, there is a slight possibility that I will be in the hospital for my 18th birthday. That's the worst part about it, is that it's my 18th. But anyway, so, visitors = good, good, good! And I will be up at Primary's but I don't know what room I will be in until I get there. When that happens, I will - or at least I should - post just a 2 line blurb about what hospital room I'm staying in.
Thanks everybody! I love you all!


  1. Sad day. I wish you were just in AF hospital; it'd be much easier to get there and visit you. Oh, well. I'll have to find a way up there later this week. Tell me what day I can come and I'll be there with... Something awesome. (: It's a perfect excuse to drive my dad's awesome car, huh? Woot. AND we can work on songs and such. Good luck on Wednesday, see you soon!

  2. wow. wow. you make that sound like easy peasy pie. Wow. Okay we will have you in our prayers, I hope all goes well in this surgery. You make sure the nurses know it is your 18th birthday so that you get pampered!! PS I vote shorter hair- you look so hip!!! see you in october!!