Wednesday, July 27, 2011

re: update on surgery

It's about 6 o'clock and here's the lastest update.  Dr. Walker just came out to talk to us. He said that she was fine but it was more complicated that they had anticipated. The bone was so rough and there were multiple places that needed more than a little patching, so they decided to take the entire bone flap out and smooth the bone. Then they took 3 bone pieces out of the back of her skull to use for grafting. They used them to fill in the holes, on the top of her head, the side above her ear, and on top of the forehead.

They had to cut one defective spot of the bone out completely and they put a new piece of bone in there. Dr. Suddiki had to do extra work with the bone to fill in the gap in her forehead, but it is all back in place now. They are beginning to pull the skin back together and stitch her up. That will still take an hour or so.

They are going to send her to ICU because it has taken so long. Amazingly, she has not needed a blood transfusion. Right now, her blood count was down to 29 and Dr. Walker is ok with it getting down to 20 before giving her more blood.

Dr Walker feels that it has all gone well.

While I messed with the internet, Dr. Suddeki stopped by and basically said the same things. He said that there would still be some deformity but it is much much better than before but the visble parts will look good. So we will let you know when we are set up back in ICU.


  1. Let me know when I can come visit her, and what hours. I'll do my best to get up there!

    -Sarah Whitchurch

  2. Anytime Sarah. Visiting hours are until 9 PM.