Wednesday, July 27, 2011

re: Surgery update

Hi All;

This is Shannon's Mom.  I am going to use the blog and will try the "real Shannon" facebook if I can get in to it to update those that check that most. 
Shannon had to be here at the hospital at 10 am and the surgery was scheduled for 11:30.  As typical for hospitals, they were a bit behind schedule.  She actually went in to surgery at 12:10 pm.  The surgery is scheduled for 6 hours!  We just got an update a few minutes ago to tell us that all was going well.  They have her opened up and are finally ready to begin the real work. 
We did ask the doctor to clarify how long he thought she would be in the hospital.  He said that to think 3 days would be overly optimistic but if all went well 5 days would be feasible.  He said she had to be feeling well enough to be eating on her own and for her digestive system to be working.  The swelling will keep her from wanting to eat.  The day after surgery could be pretty miserable.  But I will try to keep you posted here to know when she is really up to visitors.  I know she wants to see lots of folks! :)

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