Thursday, July 28, 2011

Room and Phone

Hi all.  So this is Pheobe, not Shannon.  I wanted to give another update from my prespective.  Shan has moved to the Neurotrauma unit or NTU.  She is on the second floor as she said but she is in the E pod and not the B.  The room number is what is important--that is 2027.  That is also the phone number to her room; 1-801-662-2027.  You are welcome to call and you are welcome to visit.

Shan was doing so well last night that I left Udell here and I went home to do some of the many projects that were needed there.  I returned about 1:30 this afternoon.  The report is that she has been doing very well but it has been hard to stay on top of the pain.  The morphen doesn't last but 45-60 minutes.  So they have changed to oxycodeine which will last 3 hours and they are also giving her tylenol which they count as every 3 hours.  One would think with all that pain med that she would always be sleeping but not so.  She napped, I guess a little this morning but hasn't since I got here.  You would think with all that med that she would be loopy or something but she's not. 

Shortly after I got here, Shan wanted to get her own clothes on so she took a sponge bath and got dressed!  Sadly, we don't get phone service here or I think she would be texting a number of people.  :) 

Shannon received a blessing before coming to the hospital.  It was a beautiful, very significant blessing.  We can see by how well Shannon is doing that the blessings pronounced on her head are being fulfilled.  This is such a different experience than our last hospital stay!  Although the surroundings are the same, our feelings aren't the same.  We continue to be so grateful for the Lord's hand in our lives. 

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