Thursday, July 29, 2010

Birthday Time

We wanted to give a quick update and also extend an invitation to a birthday celebration/open house that we are having on Shannon's birthday this coming Monday, August 2nd. This is Shannon's 17th Birthday--one that almost three months ago we weren't sure we would see. We have wanted to do something that would allow us to say a personal "Thank You" to the wonderful people who have supported us with their faith, prayers and encouragement. The open house will be an informal affair at our home and will last from 6-9pm on Monday August 2nd. We know it is Family Home Evening night but hope that the time will not interfere with plans you may have for your families. So if you can, stop by and wish Shannon a Happy Birthday!

This week has been a really good week. Shannon is making much progress. Her stamina and endurance are a lot better and her abilities continue to expand. For the most part she has been upbeat and has maintained the positive attitude that Pheobe mentioned in her last post. On Tuesday we went to see Dr. Walker, the neurosurgeon that performed the initial surgery and then the bone flap replacement surgery. He was really pleased with how well Shannon is doing. She had hoped that he would give her the "go-ahead" for rollerblading but suggested to her that she continue to work on some things before she takes that step. Although very disappointed, she still gave him a big hug as the appointment came to a close. He has truly been one of God's miracles in our lives over the past 12 weeks. Yesterday morning, Shannon had the opportunity to attend the Provo Temple with a group of Young Women from the ward. It was great to see her doing something she enjoyed so much before her accident.

One of the things that Shannon has a difficult time understanding is why people think she is so amazing. When we go to church or to some activity, so many people want to come up and talk to her. Little children who have been praying for her for weeks want to come and meet her, some for the first time. It is really touching to see. Shannon doesn't see what the big deal is--why people continue to be so interested in her and her progress. It makes me realize that the most heroic acts are those that are born of just doing what you can in the circumstances you are in. We rarely go off seeking for opportunities to do heroic things. We are faced with challenges and we do our best to slog through, despite our weaknesses and our fears. And we never do it alone. We have people all around us to reach out and serve, support and sustain us. We continue to be the recipients of so many acts of kindness. Thank you so much for the meals, the weeding, the lawn care, the visits, the phone calls, the concern and the faith and prayers. We are eternally grateful to you all for the blessing you are in our lives and the strength you give us to keep plodding along on our journey. And we are especially grateful for the joy and happiness you bring into Shannon's life through your thoughtfulness and your concern.

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