Friday, July 30, 2010

Birthday wishes

If you are unable to attend the open house to wish Shannon a "Happy Birthday", please feel free to send her a note through the blog or facebook. It hopefully will be a day that will bring lots of happiness into her life.

We have had several people ask how Annika is doing. Thank you for caring. She is doing well. She tolerated the pain well, she is eating well even though she is missing 3 teeth, and healing nicely. We will soon start the process for another bridge.

No, there is still no word from the insurance company. They tell us we should know something by Monday. We are hoping that the fight will be over and not just the beginning of another appeal.

Fast Sunday is coming up. Anyone who would like to join us by including Shannon in their fast would be awesome. I think we will be focusing on the things that are going to be so needed for her to go to school. Those areas include; a major reduction in her cognitive fatigue, her physical endurance, her balance, a reduction in impulsivity, and emotional stability. Shannon is such a goal oriented, determined young woman. This without a doubt is the hardest thing she has ever dealt with and may be the hardest in her lifetime. She can get frustrated and discouraged but she still continues to amaze me. With her birthday coming, it is just one more reminder of how blessed we are to still have her with us. Thank you all again for your faith and prayers.


  1. Happy Birthday Shannon! We hope your day if filled with balloons, lots of frosting, smiles and laughter!

  2. Happy happy bithday Shannon dear! I fasted this sunday with you in my heart and thoughts, I bore testimony that God has a plan, whether we like it or not, He has a plan. As he is painting our canvas as the master artists we may not like his color choice but we must bite our toungue and remember that he knows best. you are becoming a masterpiece Be strong, good luck. I will miss you sooooooo much, more then you will even know.

  3. Shannon, Uncle Sam and I want to wish you a very
    "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". We probably won't make it over to see you tonight, but want you to know that we love you and continue to have you in our prayers every day. Keep up the good work and continue to push forward. You have an amazing
    spirit. 'Hugs and Kisses'