Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Yet another miracle!

Well, there you have it folks! Shannon's first posting of her own. As part of her therapy this morning, she wanted to get on the blog to read your comments and the speech therapist told her she should post her own and practice keyboarding! And so she did. Short and sweet.
Yes, we are going to try and keep the blog going for a time. When we feel that Shannon is fully recovered, (which we believe she will be)then we will put the blog to bed! In the meantime, we just keep trying to find the time to write. It will be a great history for Shannon one day.
When we left the hospital one week ago today, the rehab doctor said, "Stay low and go slow". They told us not to give Shannon too much stimulation at any given time without starting low and going slow! They felt strongly that she was going to need some time to adjust to her surrounds and certainly to crowds. However, miracles still continue to happen with Shannon. Monday afternoon, she decided that she really wanted to go to the Extended Blackham Family 4th of July party. There is always a BIG crowd there with quite a number of children. We had decided previously not to take Shannon because of that. But she felt like she wanted to go. The party is in the backyard so we decided that Shan could sit in the family room and a few people at a time could come say hello to her; that way it shouldn't be too overwhelming. Well, I am sure you remember us talking about all the children that are praying for Shannon? Part of those children belong to this family. Repeatedly we had people telling us that their little 2 year old or 5 year old or many other ages are praying morning, noon and night for Shannon. This group of children was no exception and so when they heard that Shannon was in the family room, they all came rushing in. Shannon grinned ear to ear and called them all by name, held a nearly newborn baby, ask the kids relevant questions and answered their questions. She didn't get anxious or overly tired. She interacted with the children so that they could know that their prayers have been answered and that she is still in need of their prayers. I would get overly stimulated if I had that many kids coming at me at once! Shannon, because of her TBI was supposed but didn't! Miraculous!
In the last 2 days, I have had 2 more medical people, one doctor and one nurse, tell me that there is no way that she should be alive and even if she were, she shouldn't be able to do all the things she is doing. As awesome as the medical field is, the don't always realize the power of God!
Shannon's therapy this morning went very well. She walked all the way around our neighborhood block which is really quite a ways. She came back and went to Snoasis for a snow cone. Nice therapy, huh? :) But then later she worked hard with the Speech therapist and that was where she was able to work hard enough to post in her blog. She had company until dinner time and then she wanted to go to Young Womens! So I went to YW's with her. Everyone there was so excited to see her and she couldn't have been more excited to see them! She had lots of hugs to give and stories to tell! We had less anxieties today. I think it helped to keep her so busy!
We continue our fight with the insurance company. We are hoping that Friday is not our last day of therapy paid by the insurance. It is pretty scary for we know she still has need of several weeks of therapy! Shannon still has a hard time walking and needs someone close by all the time to assist as needed. She has issues with her social skills in that she can be too sarcastic at times and pretty demanding most of the time! :)
Last, I will tell you that she was one excited girl when her boss from Snoasis, where she worked before, came by with an icee with cream, her paycheck and $20 worth of Snoasis coupons! She has told everyone she sees about how much money she made and how wonderful her boss was to bring her the coupons! And her favorite phrase of the day...of the week, or maybe even the month....COOL BEANS MAN!! She is one funny girl.
Thanks for all your friendship and ongoing prayers. We still have a ways to go to bring Shannon back around to where she was!

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to continue to post on the blog. What you have recorded will be a great record for your family. It is so amazing that you are willing to share this "journey" with the rest of us. Thank you!