Saturday, July 3, 2010

First day of Home therapy

Friday was a full day. I think I mentioned that we got one week of therapy approved from the insurance company. They are working with them to change that but in the meantime we are pushing forward.
We met with the Clinical coordinator for nearly 2 hours, talking through the program and having Shannon be assessed again. Shan was really tired but she did fine for the assessment and verified again that therapy help is still needed. Less than an hour after she had left, the Speech therapist came. She worked with Shannon for almost an hour and 25 minutes. She was doing her assessment but at the same time challeging Shannon to do more. Shannon was totally exhausted by the time she finished. We thought she would get a 1/2 hour rest before the Occupational therapist came. But no, the therapist arrived early because it was easier to find our house than she had thought so they got started earlier. Shannon wasn't very good at what she needed to be working on probably because of her fatigue. She had a short rest after the therapist left before she had company. Company always cheers her up.
Shannon went to great lengthens to tell the therapists that she hated the hospital and was never going back there. (She forgets that her follow up appointments are all at the hospital.) She also told the therapists that she called her therapists at the hospital "physical terrorists" or "OT terrorists". One of the doctors told her to call them that....of course, it wasn't a rehab doc! We hope that one day and we are sure she will, Shannon will realize what a blessing the hospital and all of the staff there what a difference they made in her recovery.
Shannon continues to struggle through this hard adjustment stage. The reality that she is unable to do many of the things that she used to do, is really tough on her.
Our fast this week will be focused on Shannon being able to accept the things that she cannot change, to have courage for the things that she can change, and the ability to know the difference. We all continue to need the prayers of our family, friends, loved ones and all who have been affected by this sweet young woman who is struggling, trying to deal with an accident that has truly changed her entire life. We appreciate all of your prayers and thoughtfulness.

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