Monday, July 26, 2010

Tender Mercies

We have had such a great day that I had to take time to write in the blog tonight. My heart is filled with such gratitude for a loving Father in Heaven. We may be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

Yesterday, Sunday, Shannon attended Tonya's Sunday School class where one of her favorite people was teaching. He used Shannon as an example and told her things she needs to be doing--I guess anyway. I wasn't in the room but reports are that with great love, he helped Shannon understand how important it was to have a good attitude. I am sure there was much more said, but that seemed to be the essence. Later that evening that same wonderful man gave her another priesthood blessing assisted by her Dad. The blessing was filled with great love for Shannon and also spoke of the help that surrounds her from both sides of the veil. It was a beautiful blessing.

The effects of that teacher and the blessing....well, Shannon woke this morning at 5 am unable to sleep. She finally came in to our room about 5:30 am to snuggle. We ended up talking about important eternal things and the love that we share. It was very tender. At 6, she wanted breakfast, came downstairs and got her own breakfast! After Udell had asked her a couple of times if she wanted to go for a walk to get some physical therapy in, she finally agreed! She wanted us both to go so this morning at 7 am we were out walking the neighborhood. After about 17 minutes, we stopped in at her grandmother's and got her out of bed just to say good morning. We rested there about 20-25 minutes. Then we started walking again. We probably walked another 30-35 minutes. And that wasn't enough for her. She headed to the basement and got on the treadmill, did some balance exercises, and did a few free weights!!! Two hours of a physical workout!
We assumed that it was because she was proving to us that she was at a level 9 in the TBI scale that we use. At that level, she should be able to sustain 2 hours of activity without getting tired. Well, she was tired today, but she did it.
But not only that, Shannon did incredible in both her speech and OT therapies today. She worked hard and just kept herself going even though she was tired.
And the icing on the cake....she was pretty much pleasant the entire day!! At our extended family activity tonight she told her aunt that she had learned things at church that had helped her change her attitude. It was obvious today that something had changed.
It has been an amazing day and I know that it was because Father in Heaven heard all of our prayers and just made things work out. I am sure He knows our limits, He allows us to be stretched beyond what we think are our limits maybe to show us we can do more than we think we can.
I also have to add tonight once again that there are so many people around us that listen to the Spirit and heed what they are prompted to do. Over and over and over, someone will call right at the right moment and will make all the difference in the world to Shannon's moods. We are so grateful for the love of so many. It is so hard to imagine! And we are forever grateful to all of you who continue to make a difference in our lives. Thank you. Let's pray that we will have another day like today and that they will just continue to improve more and more.

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