Thursday, July 1, 2010

The First full day at home

It's one of those days when you think back to the morning, and think it couldn't possibly be the same day. It seems so long ago since we started the day!
Reality hit home for Shannon this morning when she woke up. She had been hoping that when she slept in her own bed that she would wake up the next morning and the nightmare would be over. It wasn't over. It was a rough start to the day. We gathered as a little family, (since only 4 of us still live here) and had our morning scriptures. We sang a song which we don't normally do and then we read from the New Era, the message from President Monson to the youth. Somehow, listening to the words of a living prophet calms the soul. We were ready to start the day!
Udell took Shannon for a walk outside for a little physical therapy. Getting out was really good for her. Afterwards, she took a nice warm bath in her OWN TUB and she thought that was pretty great! She put gel in her hair to "spike" it and she thought that was kind of fun. When she got dressed, she picked out clothes that didn't look like PJ's! She even put on her "skinny" jeans that are now too big. That's hard to believe since she is such a tiny little thing anyway. She even put on earrings! She looked terrific!!!
Because of Shannon's impulsivity (she says and does things she really doesn't mean) and because it is so hard for her to see to text on her phone, we have limited the use of her cell phone to 15 minutes, 2 to 3 times a day with supervision. She types the text, we tell her if it sounds ok and tell her what she needs to correct so it is understandable. She sent 2 texts today that her impulsivity got away with her that I didn't get to correct but fortunately, they went to friends who really understand. So if you would like to send her a text, she will get them now but won't be able to carry on a conversation through texting for very long.
Shannon loves and needs visitors so we hope we haven't made it sound like she can't have visitors. Yes, please do come but please let us know when you want to come so we can have you come when she doesn't have other company, she isn't in therapy, nor is she taking a nap! She just turns into all smiles when someone comes to see her.
So after the 15 minutes with her cellphone, Shannon and I did some other therapy together. Much of her therapy is really quite fun. She did a mosaic design, wrote a letter and we played "Phase 10" for a while. She was extra pleased to see her Grandma Mc and a few other friends and neighbors today. It just seemed that there was so much packed into this day and yet, I didn't feel like I got anything done! (Well, I guess I did..I did what was most important and that was to be sure that Shannon had someone with her all the time.)
No, we did not have any professional therapists today. And of course, it is not as easy getting things set up as they kept promising us it would be. They felt very certain that our insurance company would approve "Rehab without Walls" to take over the intense therapy that Shannon still needs. Well, after waiting for several days, they got word back this morning that she was approved.....for ONE WEEK! And that week happens to have a holiday in it which means 4 days of therapy. The insurance company medical director felt like, after a week, that Shannon would be able to switch to out patient therapy, driving 2 hours each day for a 1 hour session 2 times a week for each therapy. There is no way that she has the stamina for that and she needs much more intense therapy than that still for a while. So it seems that we have more challenges ahead besides the TBI itself.
I, myself, enjoy hearing the perspective of my good husband when he writes the blog. I had also thought about the 7 weeks since the accident and the many miracles we have seen along the way. I appreciated the comment from Kathy that said God had blessed this family a million times! We certainly feel like His hand as been constantly involved throughout this process. We are at a new crossroad now and I asked Udell what he thought the Lord would have us do with the many offers of help from friends, family, neighbors, etc. It is always so much easier to be the "giver" than to be the "receiver". But with the millions of blessings we have received from Father in Heaven, we just want to do what He wants us to do. We wonder if there are other things that Shannon is supposed to still do in making a difference in other people's lives, are their other people she needs to touch, or lessons that we need to learn or maybe opportunities given to others. It is hard to know especially when the natural man just wants to retreat inside and try to handle things on his own. It has given me much to contemplate. My prayer is that the Lord will show His will to us that we might somehow be instruments in His hands. If, in His design, He might be to use Shannon to touch others, we want to help make that happen. I know she is willing and wants to do His will as well. Now the trick is to find out what His will is!!

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  1. Oh Yay! I'm so happy that Shannon is home! She will be able to progress that much faster at home I think being surrounded by all her familiar people and things. Keep up the great work and yes please keep us updated on how she is doing at home! May God continue to bless you all!