Thursday, May 20, 2010

End of day 8

It's hard to believe all the things that we have been through in just 8 days. But looking back over the week, we have seen many miracles on her behalf. How grateful we are!

Today has been a very good day. Tonight Shannon would move her eyes from side to side looking at her dad and then back at Kate. She gave a thumbs up with both hands. She wiggled her toes! She would squeeze hands when asked. Her eyebrows went up when they asked her to raise them!

Dad asked Shannon if she wanted him to rub her feet and to give him a thumbs up if she did. He got the thumbs up! After rubbing her feet for a while, he was standing by her and lightly rubbing her arm and she pulled away! I guess it was tickling her. At one point she seemed to be pushing at the blanket so he asked her to give a thumbs up if she wanted the blanket off and there was the thumbs up.

It seems like these are all such simple things but for her at this point they are milestones. Aaron told us this evening that she has met all the neurological tests that can be done while she is still under the amount of medication that she is. But wow! Think of all the miracles we have seen already! We feel so blessed.

Tomorrow will be a very big day for her (if everything goes as planned). She will have a breathing test to see if she can maintain her oxygen and then have her MRI. She will come off the drugs she has been on so she can wake up completely. (She will get a different kind of pain medication that won't make her so sleepy.) It will be a scary day for her as she begins to understand where she is at. We know that you are all praying for her and we are so grateful. Will you add a little extra one for her for tomorrow? We are so grateful that prayers are answered. Pheobe

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  1. What great news! That has to be awesome to see her giving the thumbs up...can't wait to hear about tomorrow!