Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday, May 30th

Oh how I love Sundays. They have an awesome Sacrament meeting up here at Primary Children's Hospital every week for those wanting to attend. It's my kind of has only been between 30-45 minutes! But the Spirit is super sweet, for all that are in attendance, are kids who have to be here, their families, and a few of their doctors and nurses. Each one with their own story of challenge and heartache. It is really a tender meeting.

The 7th day, the Sabbath was meant to be a day of rest. That's how it has been for Shannon today; no therapies and limited doctors. The opthomologist came in and said her left eye was looking really good but still wanted to have it taped when she is sleeping--which is most of the time! But when the tape is off, she is able to open it about 1/3 of the way and her right eye opens3/4 to all the way.

The very first thing this morning, we had to take a short trip down to xray. She had pulled her feeding tube out of her nose enough that they questioned if she had pulled it out of the intestines and in to the stomach. They don't want it in the stomach for fear of reflux at this point in time. So we took a little ride to xray and found that everything was fine. So we rode around just a little longer in her fancy wheelchair that lets her recline about as much as she could want! Then after the short ride she wanted her bed.

Each time I have gotten her out of bed today to use the restroom, she has been stronger. The last time, although I had my arms around her and steady her, she stood holding all her own weight and took a couple of steps!! I watched that little miracle progress today each time she got up. It was pretty amazing.

Shannon is also "whispering" more. It is more mouthing the words with a very few sounds coming but definitely with the right breathe control, I would say. Some things I can understand but most things I cannot. She is still very groggy even when she is awake. Bless her heart though, she doesn't get frustrated with me when I can't understand what she wants. She is still our sweet Shannon. So we play a lot of 20 questions. :) And the sweetest of all her "whisperings" today was when we had the song "I Need Thee Every Hour" playing...she was mouthing and trying to sing the words with the song!

What a sweet day it has been!


  1. Hi this is Sydney Birchall. I just wanted to say I am happy that Shannon is getting better all of the time. My whole family is glad too.

  2. What a WONDERFUL day!! Shannon allows us all to see what miracles can happen when people collectively fast and pray for someone. We are SO grateful to see the Lord's hand in every little things that occurs to Shannon and the opportunity to see even our small children pray for her each night and at every meal. We are all blessed by this and we thank you for allowing us to be a part of her life. Thank you for the updates and being able to see miracles happen daily.

    Love to all of your family,
    Kyle and Lori Stark

  3. Go Shannon!!! You are such a fighter and we are so blessed to know and love you! Just want you to know that you are in all our prayers.
    We are all cheering you on and love to read of your continual progress.

  4. Ditto, Ditto, and Ditto...(to the above!) today is another beautiful day... Memorial Day... a time to remember many things... today for Shannon... the gift of life and miracles and LOTS of people loving, hoping and praying for her and her family. Love you... JoAnn