Thursday, May 13, 2010

May 13, Thursday Evening

I thought I would let you know that it is Udell that has written the previous posts--it's obvious, as he is a much better writer than I. Udell has taken a break and gone to the temple so I thought I would add a couple more things to the blog.

I have been asked if Shannon had other injuries besides the actual head trauma. They thought that there might have been a slight fracture in Shannon's right leg but that has proven not to be the case. Yeh!! There were 3 verebrae in her back (#3,4,&5) that have compressed fractures. The truama doctor said tonight (as he is one of the few that has seen that particular xray) that he believed that they wouldn't do anything with the back unless they felt when she started moving around that she needed a body brace for a while. But he really felt that it was healing already and that wouldn't need to be the case. (Cautious Yeh!) However, he quickly added that he was not a radiologist nor an orthepedic doc so he really didn't know what they would do. It is interesting the many opinions that we get on different things.

Shannon has a few bumps and bruises but no other visual signs of trauma. Her insides all seem fine and are functioning as they should considering her condition. Yeh!!

They generally bring the drug induced coma patients awake a few minutes each day to test reflexes and other responses. But because the accident was not even a day old until around 3 o'clock today, they felt they didn't want to do even that yet. The doctors seem pleased with her status but continue to remind us that the swelling and danger zone is not passed until the 72-96 hour mark.

For Miss Shanny's sake, I will record, with Janet and Kate being my witnesses; Shannon has some 25 different tubes run in and out of her. She had a picc line
inserted today so they don't have to poke her so often but with all the different medications being given continuously, the tubes for gathering blood, the tubes for monitoring everything from her sodium to magnesium, to drains for the head and other body functions, the ventilator, etc., it is no wonder that she has so many tubes right now.

Shannon also had lost a lot of blood obviously and so they have given her a lot but not just whole blood as I call it, but platelattes, plasma, etc. Either tomorrow or the next day they will most likely give her a feeding tube so there is yet another tube.

Kate is being a trooper and is taking care of the homefront including Tonya. It is amazing how many things come to a halt when you are no longer in the midst of things.

Hopefully that has answered a few more questions. As with all head trauma, the prognoisis will not be known for quite some time. We will keep you all posted. Thanks to all of you for your prayers and faith and for those of you who are able to fast with us. We know that Shannon is in God's hands and He is in control. We feel the presence of His love and His angels, through each of you, our family, friends, and so many of Shannon's dear friends.


  1. You are all in our prayers. We hope that Shannon will have a good night and keep improving. We are so grateful for miracles and know that the Lord is so mindful of each of you. We LOVE U SHANNON!!
    Love, Sydney,Britta,Alena,Kate,Seth,Heath,Lori

    p.s. thanks so much for the updates

  2. Thank you so much for keeping all of us informed...the Idaho branch of the McBride family is praying fervently for Shannon and your whole family! We love all of you and pray that the Lord will continue to bless you as she heals.

  3. My thoughts and prayers have been with you all day. I hope you got my email. I love you.

  4. we send our prayers and love to your family. you are in our prayers.

  5. We add our faith and prayers to yours. We love you all so much and pray for a fabulous recovery for dear Shannon.
    We know she is in the Lord's hands.
    Please let us know if Kate needs help at the house or any thing we might be able to help with.
    We are just a phone call away.
    Terry and Teresa

  6. My dearest Shannon, I love you and keep you close in my heart and prayers. I know the Lord is with you as you have remained a faithful Young Woman throughout the years. I miss you and actually had text you that very day asking if you would come over and talk to me as we never finished my sob story on Sunday! We will pick up as soon as you can. Much love to you all, Sue Mallory

  7. we love you guys! you and sweet shannon are in our prayers! thanks for doing a blog and all the detailed updates.

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  9. We love the Blackham family. We are praying for Shannon and each of you. We are grateful for the power of fasting on her behalf. We know that Heavenly Father will be with her and her doctors and bring comfort to the rest of the family. Thank you for the updates and the wonderful example you are of faithfulness and dedication to the Gospel.
    Kyle and Lori Stark

  10. Thank you for the updates. You are in our thoughts and prayers. We love you all! candace and dave

  11. Shannon and the Blackham family have been added to my church prayer chain. May there be tremendous healing for Shannon through the power of prayer and faith.

  12. Shannon..... you are so lucky to have family that is so loving, and there for you. These days, so many people are so busy with life that they forget about how important family is. There are times where I feel more welcome at your house then I do at MY parents house. You could not have asked for sweeter, more loving parents. I sure hope you pull through.... Kate always talks about her favorite "mini me" as she would call you.... Hang in there!!

  13. Thank you so much for the update. We love Shannon and combine our fasting and prayers with other ward members.
    Randy and Kelli Rhodes