Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Deep Thoughts from Pheobe

I received an email last night from a very good friend who gave me this quote, "Miraculous doesn't mean instanteous." I have thought a lot about that and have another insight perhaps. When Christ performed his miracles instantly, there were many who still did not believe. I think when we are waiting for a miracle, the Lord is going to continue to try our faith so that we grow and learn to trust in Him. Miracles take time for the Lord to do his work. We will continue to petition the Lord for the miracle we want.

The other thought that I had this morning was that it doesn't matter how much the doctors or nurses know or what they do; its only the Lord that controls the outcome. That in and of itself can bring great comfort.

And for a little levity ... you know in the story of Peter Pan when Tinker Bell had drank Peter's poison? Peter asks the audience to yell, "I believe in fairies!" Soon he has everyone in the audience yelling, "I beleive in fairies!" And soon Tinker Bell is zipping around like her old self. I think we should wake Shan up with our phrase being "I believe in miracles!" :)
Thanks to all of you for your faith and prayers! Pheobe


  1. "I Believe in Miracles!!"

    I pulled out some old photos last night and found one of Shannon and Tonya (I think they were 5 & 6 when the picture was taken.) I must have just taken them swimming because they are still in their swimming suits. I now have that picture sitting next to my computer. Shannon is always in my thoughts and prayers.

    I told my little boys a little about Shannon and her accident, reminding them to always wear their helmets when they are riding their bikes.

  2. We certainly do believe in miracles... again, we love you, our family is praying for all of you, and we have faith in our Heavenly Father's plan... always. Thanks for your insights Phoebe, and your suggestions, Aaron. We love you so... JoAnn and all

  3. From those of us that treated Shannon, in the moments after her injury, we would like to let you know that we think of her and wish her a complete recovery.

    Pleasant Grove Fire Department