Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bedtime on Sunday

Shannon has been pretty stable this afternoon and evening. Her pressures for the most part have remained in a good range and the continuous EEG shows that the effects of the Pentabarbitol are wearing off slowly. The rate at which that happens varies for each patient. The doctors will monitor that and see when they are ready to take her off the paralytic meds and see how she reacts, both in terms of pressures and neurological response. We are hoping that we have passed the peak swelling in her brain, that tonight will be uneventful, and that Shannon can rest well and gear up for tomorrow.
We offer our deep gratitude for your support, faith and prayers. We are amazed at the far-reaching sphere of influence this young girl has. Her example makes all of us want to be better, to be more willing to care for one another, and to sacrifice for one another. At home she begins every prayer by saying, "Heavenly Father, We love thee so very much!" We know He loves her too and is mindful of her.


  1. Blackham family--
    I was so worried when I saw Kate's Facebook post talking about Shannon's injury...please know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers..and especially sweet Shannon. She has grown from an adorable little girl into a gorgeous young woman. I have no doubt that she is a fighter! Please give everyone my best and know that we are pulling for you!
    Lots of love,
    Michelle (Barrington) Law and family

  2. Thank you for posting a picture of Shannon, for those of us who don't know her. I'm certain from reading the posts that she is just as beautiful inside! May you all find comfort and strength in your faith, family, and friends.