Thursday, May 20, 2010

Good Progress During the Night

I just thought I'd give a quick update of Shannon's progress during the night. She did well with her pressures, temperatures, and other indicators. She increased her movements during the night and started to get irritated with her breathing tube. As morning approached, she wanted to grab at it and get rid of it, so much so that she has now graduated to having restraints on her wrists to limit her movement to prevent that. Her breathing continues to improve and they are decreasing the support the ventilator provides. So we continue to see improvements and look forward to what today will bring. We are grateful for her progress and for the love and support from all of you.


  1. Yea Shannon Keep Healing!!!!!I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  2. Blackham Family:
    I hope you know that our prayers and thoughts are added to the many others for Shannon and all of you. You are amazing as this test continues to demonstrate. Anytime you want Tonya to come visit, she is welcome.
    Love to you all, The Sparks family

  3. My name is Jennifer Price and I'm in Bishop Blackham's BYU ward. I just wanted to offer my support and love to the Blackham family. I went through a couple of major surgeries five years ago so I know a lot about hospitals and the waiting game. I also wanted to offer some additional support. My mom is a certified brain-injury specialist who works for a group called Rehab Without Walls. They offer in-home rehab services for brain injury patients. I would like to email her contact information to someone but I can't seem to find Bishop's email address. I've also given my mom this blog's information so maybe she'll post her contact information here. But in the meantime, can someone post an email address? My prayers are with you all! ~Jennifer

  4. Amazing news! I am loving keeping up with the news and all the new things she is doing. I am so humbled but all of you that have had to go through this trial that life has brought. You are all troopers and have really showed the faith needed for each other. It is amazing how much the little things in life become so important...Love ya Shannon!

  5. So good to hear of her 'waking up' and responding...thanks for your updates... love to you all... Aaron, Kev has loved seeing you again! It's probably one of many, but Shanny's in the Draper and Mt. Timp. temples... JoAnn

  6. Dear Shannon.
    You had better get well soon or you'll be in major trouble. Don't worry. I know how much you're afraid of your chemistry buddy. (: Know that you're in my prayers and you should tell me when you wake up so I can come see you and show you your tie-dye shirt I made for you. Because I'm that awesome. (:
    P.S. Trying to pull out the breathing tube... That's my girl. Love you!