Friday, May 21, 2010

Here we go...

So it's 6:30 am and she is taking her breathing test. I think she is going to get an A, they have had her breathing on her own for nearly 40 minutes! The ventilator is obviously still connected and all but she is doing the work on her own and doing well. She has to do this for an hour to pass the test. They may put the ventilator back on afterwards because of all the other activities that will be happening but by passing this test, she is another step closer to getting the yukky tubes out of her mouth!
MRI is scheduled for 10:00 am and will take at least 2 hours.


  1. Oh my goodness Shannon! You are doing so well! I am so proud of the progress you have made in one short week. It sounds like the real you is in there! Keep up the good work, and mind you mother! I love you and cannot wait to see you. Also, tell your Mom I miss her so much and would love to see her, I just haven't wanted to overwhelm her. I love you Shanni! xoxoxo

  2. I'm praying hard today that Shannon will pass all her tests with flying colors! Keep us posted, she is constantly in my thoughts and I can't wait to hear how she does today.

    Love you Shan!

  3. It is so wonderful to hear of the progress. Way to go Shannon. We are all cheering and of course saying lots of prayers. Judy

  4. Thank you so much for the blog. We are so grateful for all the little miracles. It has given us new resolve in our own faith. Shannon is a spiritually tuned in girl and her faith has taught us a great deal. Our thoughts and prayers are with you daily. Can't wait to hear about the MRI! Keep up the great work Shannon!
    The Rhodes

  5. Hey Blackham Family! We love you and you are in our prayers!! I am going to be asking my Ward and family to have a fast for Shannon. If there is anything I can do please ask! Phoebe I think of you as a second Mom. You have done so much in so many ways for me and especially for my Mom! I love you and I know the Lord will answer prayers. Thanks for the updates. :)