Thursday, May 20, 2010


It is amazing how many people are reading the blog and how often they are checking it. It's pretty mind boggling. There are many hours that go by with not much to report or things we could report but Shannon wouldn't want us to :) and you would most likely tire of the monotony .

Hey, Shannon's hair is growing!! :) Pheobe


  1. Shannon - you are God's miracle! One of many, but you are an intregal part of His work! Clearly,, this is His plan! He wants you WITH us! NEVER lose sight of that!

  2. Dear Bishop and Sister Blackham and Family,

    We are so pleased to hear of Shannon's progress, thank you for the updates - we are all concerned and have Shannon in our prayers. Last Sunday was a special day in the BYU 2nd Stake as I witnessed an outpouring of faith and prayers on Shannon's behalf in several of the meetings that I attended. Your examples of courage and faith have strengthened all of us. With love, Mike Bateman.